Work For RVers: How To Earn A Paycheck While Living Your Dream Life

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Introduction to work for RVers: How to Make Money While Travelling Full Time

Have you ever asked yourself how people make money while RVing full time? How do people earn a paycheck while traveling? Is there work for RVers?

More and more people are trading in their sticks and bricks lifestyles for a home on the road. The RV lifestyle is booming.

Who wouldn’t want to travel full time, visit all of the beautiful places that this country has to offer, spend evenings by the campfire, and feed their nomadic spirits on a daily basis? This life is no longer just for retired folks visiting family. It is for adventurers of all ages.

The number one question that one faces when looking at beginning their RV journey is how to earn a paycheck, make a livable wage and live full time while being able to travel. 

This article will give plenty of options for remote work, work camping, seasonal work, gig economy job options, starting your own business, and more. It will also discuss things you need to consider as a wandering worker. 

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How To Earn A Paycheck While Living Full Time In An RV

Remote Work for RVers: Making Money

Remote work and work from home options are soaring. They give Rvers the option to travel and fund their lifestyle. Earn a paycheck while you travel. It is a win-win situation.

One option to finding remote work is flex jobs. Subscribe using this link. Flex jobs is a paid service that provides remote reliable job opportunities that are vetted. This service weeds out any junk jobs that are out there on the internet. They research and review every employer that they post.

The company will also review your resume once you upload it and offer job coaching as a bonus. They also offer webinars and courses to help you land that remote job that you are looking for. Memberships start at $6.95 per month.

Teaching online: 

teaching online
teaching online

There are plenty of online teaching jobs available that are completely remote. Some of the most popular are Qkids, Vipkid, Gogo Kid, Magic Ears, and many more. These jobs do not require a traditional teaching license or degree. You do need a bachelor’s degree for most of them and a TESOL or TEFL as you will be teaching English to Foreign language learners.

Most classes are in half-hour increments and lesson plans are provided for you. Training is provided by the platform that you work for. There are advancement opportunities in the forms of higher levels of teaching, mentoring, and tutoring new teachers.

The work is fairly simple and fun. The hours can be a burden depending on what side of the United States you live on. You choose your own hours (some have a minimum requirement). 

If you decide to work for any of these companies, you will need to have high-speed internet, headphones, a computer (laptop is fine), a classroom-type background, and some require learning props. 

Use the below link to apply for Qkids

Use the following link to apply for VIPkid



Transcribing is a great remote work option for those who have a fast internet connection and speedy typing skills. Many companies pay up to $60,000 according to You don’t need to have a lot of experience to start. Transcribeme, Gotranscript, CastingWords, and Scribie hire transcriptionists with no experience. A typing test is required at the time of application.

Many of these companies allow workers to set their own hours. The more experience you have, the more you can make. You will need a foot pedal and a great headset to start. There are training programs available if you would like to start out making more money.

Legal and medical transcriptionists make the most money per word. Schools such as Devry institute and Bryan Stratton have transcriptionist training and certification.


Blogging is a remote career that has the possibility of bringing in a livable wage or more. According to, bloggers can make up to $300,000 per month. Don’t start a blog and expect to make that wage during your first month.

It is a very saturated field that requires a lot of expertise. Expect to do a lot of work and studying to figure out what to write about. Put out a lot of quality content that people want to read. Only then, is your work worth monetizing. 

Medical Billing

medical billing
medical billing

Medical billing is another popular remote employment option. Medical billing requires training and/ or experience to be hired. There are many online academies and schools offering training and job placement in this field. CareerStep is considered a great option for schooling in this field. 

The schooling is specialized and can take less than two years. It can be done at your own pace. Once finished, the work can be done from home and can become quite lucrative.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant jobs are becoming more popular and available especially since the onset of COVID. You will need to have great communication skills, computer skills, and fantastic organizational skills.

For this specific type of job, you will need to be able to market yourself in order to land the right job. VA’s can make up to $60 an hour if they have the right experience and skillset.


Many people market their skills on Fiverr. Fiverr is an awesome marketplace for you to market any special skill that you have.

Are you great at making infographics? Can you design videos and edit them? Are you a wiz at creating websites? Whatever your talent is, you can market it and sell it on Fiverr. You can accept whatever jobs you want on your own time limit and frame. You set your own prices. Get out there and start designing, creating, and making money!!

Online Tutoring

online tutoring
online tutoring

Tutoring online will always be in high demand and is fantastic for those who have a special talent for helping others. Some platforms require degrees in certain academic areas.

Help students with math, SAT prep or preparing for a Geography test. You are helping others while, at the same time, helping your bottom line. That sounds like a great idea!!

Companies that hire remote tutors include, Wells academic solutions, brainfuse, and PrepNow.

Online Test Scoring

Scoring tests online is easy and fun. Test scoring jobs range from elementary test scoring to college test scoring so the hiring requirements differ greatly.

It is completely remote and most of the scoring jobs are seasonal. The majority of these jobs pay between $10 to $20 per hour. Some companies to look into are ETS, Pearson, WriteScore, Literably, and Study Point. 

Multi-Level Marketing

Multi-level marketing jobs used to require in-home parties and in-person work. Now with COVID most of the parties and marketing is online, over the phone, and completely remote.

Companies such as Origami Owl, ColorStreet, Scentsy, and Pampered Chef require a LOT of work to make a decent paycheck but, it is completely doable if you put the time and effort into a great marketing strategy.

Most require some sort of minimal investment to start. The investment varies per company. If you know a lot of people and like selling, this might just be the right avenue for you. You may be the hit at every campground that you visit. 

Freelance writing

Freelance writing is a great alternative to blogging. If writing is your passion, there are tons of opportunities on Fiverr to offer your writing talent to others and benefit monetarily from it.

Also, bloggers are always looking for writers to create content for their blogs. They are willing to pay upwards of $100 per post. You must have skills in networking, organization, marketing, research, and of course, writing. If you meet that criteria, this may be a great and lucrative option for you. 

Here is a great article on staying focused while doing your remote work.

Call Center

Call center jobs are still a thing. Only you don’t have to punch a clock in an office. You can punch that clock sitting right at home. Many places hire customer service reps to answer calls from home. They will patch calls right to you. You will be scheduled a time to work. You need to be reliable. The phone will likely not stop ringing. You will need to have internet, a computer, a great headset, and a phone. The most important thing is to have a quiet environment in which to work. The pay is just above minimum wage for these jobs but, it is steady work and reliable. This may be just what you are looking for to fund your next great adventure. 

Create Your Own Business

your own business
your own business

Open an Etsy or Online Store

  1. Are you creative? Do you knit, make stickers, or have some crafting talent that you are just dying to share with the world? If you said yes, then there is likely someone out there that is willing to pay for it. Creating an online store with or with Etsy is super easy and it is really fun. This is the best job for someone who loves to create and share. There is nothing better than making money doing something that you love!!

Write an Ebook

Are you an expert on something? Are you a great cook with a bunch of original recipes? Do you know where all the best hiking areas are? Create an ebook. If you don’t know where to start, there is a template available to help you create it on Canva. You can sell your book on amazon.

Create a course

Do you want to teach the world how to clean their RV or how to do maintenance on their own vehicle? Do you have a special skill that others can benefit from? You can create a course that people will pay for. Udemy, teachable, and Skillshare are just three platforms where you can create a course to teach others a new skill and make money from doing so. 

Sell Something

Flea Markets and Farmers Markets are great places to sell items that you create when you travel. If you make soaps or jams or anything that you can sell, sign up for the local markets. You will be traveling to many new places in your RV. S

ee what types of markets are available in the areas you plan to visit. Get your products out there, make some new friends, and fund your lifestyle while at it. 

Gig Economy Jobs: Earn Money

Gig economy work
Gig economy work

Gig workers are independent contractors who set their own hours and do freelance-type jobs. There are many opportunities to make money in today’s economy. Full-time travelers are finding that this type of work is easy to find, works with their schedule (or non-schedule), and provides the funds that they need to meet basic necessities.

The requirements to get these jobs are minimal and the day-to-day performance requirements are not too daunting. Some of the jobs that fit into this category include, but are not limited to: 

  1. Uber: Uber drivers pick up passengers and drive them to different locations for a set fee plus tips. Uber also offers an option to deliver food if you would rather not interact with people. They offer an easy application platform. Once approved, you can only provide these services in the state that you applied in. Uber drivers can make up to $12 per hour. 
  2. Postmates: Like über, Postmates is an app that allows you to deliver food from a restaurant to a set location. You earn a set amount plus tips. Postmates does allow you to go “online” and deliver in other areas than the place that you were hired in. That makes this a great option for RV’ers. Postmates drivers make $8 to $12 per hour after tips. Make sure that you have food delivery insurance coverage.
  3. Instacart: Instacart is a great service that offers subscribers grocery shopping services. As a shopper, you shop, purchase, and deliver groceries to a customer. After you are hired you can work anywhere that Instacart is offered. Shoppers are said to earn about $13 per hour. 
  4. Shipt: Shipt works the same as instacart. They have different stores available than instacart. The shopper shops, purchases, and delivers groceries and other items to a customer. Once hired, Shipt also lets you deliver anywhere that the service is available. Shipt workers make $16 to $22 per hour. 
  5. Amazon Flex: Amazon flex is awesome. You pick up packages from an amazon hub, or groceries (that are already packaged) from whole foods and deliver them to a customer. You get a certain amount of deliveries per shift. Shifts pay $18 and up per hour. There are multiple shifts available per day. You just have to be quick enough to grab one. As a flex employee, you can change your location as you travel to anywhere that flex is offered. This is a great option for employment. 

* Most of these jobs require the use of a vehicle, car insurance, and a valid driver’s license. Some require a background check. 

Workamping: Full Time RV Life


Workamping deserves its own section. If you are new to RV’ing you may not have heard of this term yet. You will. This is a fantastic opportunity to make money and live while traveling full-time. Workamping is just like it sounds, working while you are camping. Rvers receive payment, either in the form of free campsites or wages (sometimes both) in exchange for services that they provide at the campground. 

The different types of work can include cleaning bathrooms, working at the store, checking other campers in, delivering wood, camp hosting, park attendant, caretaker, security, food service, and more. 

How do you find these jobs? 


This job may not be for everyone. Sometimes you will have to sign a contract for a certain amount of time to gain a workamping job. This may hinder the ability to move around frequently. The job may not be too glamorous. You may be in a position to enforce rules at the campground where you live. This may seem difficult when faced with confronting friends. The work hours may vary, including being on call.

Workamping is an amazing option for you If you love to work where you live, you love the outdoors, and the RV lifestyle, this may be perfect for you. You will have the opportunity to meet a lot of new and like-minded people. The best part is that you get to live the lifestyle you have been dreaming of while making it affordable. 

Amazon Camperforce

Amazon Camperforce is a seasonal opportunity that Amazon offers for RV’ers. They hire all year for jobs for seasonal positions throughout the country. The hourly wage is at least $15 an hour with a great likelihood of overtime. They also offer up to $550 for a campsite per month.

The locations are set and the campground that you stay in must be a participating campground. The duration of the job can last several months. This is a fantastic opportunity to earn a great wage a couple of times per year, set it aside to pay for your travels for the rest of the year!! 

Find out more information at

Amusement Parks

Amusement park seasonal work
Amusement park seasonal work

Many amusement parks offer camper benefits and jobs. Wouldn’t it be great to have fun at an amusement park, camp in your off time, and fund your travels for the rest of the year? If that sounds great, these opportunities may be a great fit for you. 

Adventureland Park in Des Moines, Iowa

Adventureland Park is a huge amusement park with all of the thrills and chills you would expect to find in a theme park. It has the big rides, the shows, the food and all of the attractions. It is over 200 acres of fun. They have a great program just for RV’ers. They provide a full hook up site at no charge plus they pay you $8.50 an hour for all hours that you work. Jobs include food service, running games, retail or working rides. The best part is that there is no contract or commitment. This is a fantastic option!!

The Island in Forge Tennessee 

This is a beautiful location just at the foot of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This program is open all year. They have lots of food, shopping, rides, a ropes course, and other fun and unique things to do. As a workamper you get paid a wage and are given discounts and free entry to a number of activities in the area. The Island provides a list of nearby campsites for you to choose from. No discounts are offered on camping.

Silver Dollar City, Branson, Missouri

Silver Dollar City has many attractive offerings. They have 40 musical theaters, seasonal festivals, tons of rides, attractions, and more. Workamping opportunities include food service, parking attendant, ride operations, ticket taking, and retail.

They do not offer accommodations. However, there is a campground on site. Workampers get paid an hourly rate and are offered a host of benefits including discounted tickets and free shows.

Other Considerations: Items You Will Need to Work a Remote Job (work for RVers)

Other considerations remote RV work
Other considerations remote RV work


The Internet offered by most RV parks is not reliable especially when you need it for work. You don’t want to risk losing your job because you can’t get a good signal. Because of this, you will need to provide a reliable internet solution for yourself.

**Check out this great article to find gift ideas and gear for digital nomads.

Most of the options are very expensive. If you plan to use your phone as a hotspot, know that most plans are not truly unlimited. Read your contract carefully. After a certain amount of data is used, it will throttle. What this means is that it will slow how the data flows. In basic speak, you will not be able to work.

There are a couple of plans that are truly unlimited out there. You will have to find the best one for you and make sure that you have a backup plan.

For instance, if you use a plan that is through AT&T, make sure that you have a backup with Verizon in case you move to a different campground and your coverage isn’t the same. This happens and you don’t want to lose your paycheck because you weren’t prepared. 

  1. Winegard: Winegard has a plan that offers 20 GB per month for $150

2. Family Motor Coach Association: Tech Connect Plan

Through Sprint $50 Unlimited 

*you must join fmca first

3. Nomad Internet $99 per month Unlimited AT&T

4. Millenicom $129 per month Verizon 

Office Space

RV Office
RV Office

If you plan to work from your RV, you will need to have a designated office space. There is not a lot of room in a recreational vehicle. This can be quite a challenge for some people.

Making the appropriate space for your computer, supplies, headset and all of your other items is extremely important. You will need to make this a priority when preparing for your nomadic career. This is the only way to ensure your success.

Make sure that you can be efficient and organized. Be prepared to have the quiet place that you need and you will be on your way to making money!


Most of these job options require you to set aside your own tax money and have different filing obligations. Make sure to research what you need to do to be in compliance or speak to a tax expert. 

Conclusion: Work for RVers

The RV lifestyle is fantastic. Why not make it a full-time adventure if you can. With these wage-earning opportunities, it is a definite possibility. With so many remote, geographic, and seasonal options, the perfect fit is just waiting for you. Take the leap! Get out there and see this great big country of ours!!

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