RVing With Kids: How To Survive and Enjoy The Journey

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Introduction To RVing With Kids: How To Survive and Enjoy The Journey

If you RV with kids, then you know that RVing can be a wonderful experience. However, RVing with kids can also be stressful and frustrating. RVs are not always the most kid-friendly environment, and traveling can be difficult for the most seasoned traveler. But, with some preparation and helpful tips, this kind of adventure can be the most fulfilling and memorable experience you create with your family. This blog post will help prepare your family for RVing by providing you with RV tips and tricks to make the journey more enjoyable for everyone!

RV Camping With Kids
RV Camping With Kids

Plan The Trip Together

Create a family RVing plan with your kids. Have them help you research potential stops along the way and choose where to stay each night. Planning these details together can make it more fun for everyone when planning your next RV trip! You could also have them look into local attractions that may be worth visiting. Doing this together will create a build-up of excitement, and they’ll be more likely to cooperate during the RV trip.


Destinations For RV Trips
Destinations For RV Trips

Choosing destinations together as a family is the first step in the planning process. RVing with kids can be frustrating and difficult, so choosing kid-friendly destinations will help you create a more enjoyable RV trip. If your child is older, then they could even attempt to plan the route themselves! Younger children may enjoy looking at pictures of possible locations or watching videos about what it would look like where you’re going. Use apps like Google Earth to show them images of RV resorts and other RV-friendly destinations.


What is there to do at each location that you plan to visit? Choosing what to do in the local area can be a fun family activity.

Campgrounds/ RV Parks/ National Parks:

Another important part of the planning process is looking for family-friendly RV parks, national parks, or campgrounds. What amenities does the park have? Do they have a swimming pool or arcade? Get the kids involved in searching for these types of things. Finding the right RV park is important. You will be sure to grab their attention, get the kids excited, and they’ll be more likely to cooperate!

Packing For Your Family RV Trip

When traveling with young children on an RV trip, it’s important to remember that space is limited in an RV. Don’t overpack but, be sure to bring the necessary items that each person will need.

Don’t forget the essentials:

Packing for An RV Trip
Packing for An RV Trip

– Sunscreen (this is especially important for anyone with fair skin)

– Bug Spray

– Water/ sports drinks, snacks, and fruit to keep everyone hydrated and nourished on a long journey! Kids can be picky eaters, so make sure to pre-choose snacks and meals that will be easy for everyone.

-Keep kids entertained: Without their electronics and toys, RVing with kids can get frustrating quickly. Bring along some of your child’s favorite movies on a laptop or tablet (don’t forget the charger!). There are also plenty of apps out there to keep kids entertained in the RV.

-Comfortable clothes: Be sure everyone is dressed comfortably and in weather-appropriate clothing each day of your RV trip! Even if you’re stopping for a quick lunch break, be sure that everyone has sunscreen and comfortable shoes (tennis shoes or sandals). It’s also helpful to bring some extra clothes in case someone gets dirty or wet.

-Baby supplies: If you have little ones, RVing with kids can be difficult without baby supplies! Be sure to pack a diaper bag filled with everything that your child may need during the journey. This will help calm nerves and keep everyone happy while RVing.

Tips For For Travel Days

Be sure to plan for the tough days while you will be spending a lot of time on the road heading from one location to the next. RVing with kids can be challenging, so it’s important to plan for these types of days. Please make sure everyone is comfortable and has everything that they need.

Make Lots of Stops:

Be sure to stop frequently to allow for bathroom breaks and stretching. This will keep everyone happy and RVing more enjoyable for everyone!

Plan Healthy Snacks:

Healthy RV Roadtrip Snacks
Healthy RV Roadtrip Snacks

Keeping healthy, pre-packaged snacks on hand will keep everyone nourished and satisfied. This will prevent the family from getting hangry (hungry +angry) while stuck in the truck or motorhome!

Plan A Lunch Stop:

It’s important to plan for at least one lunch stop each day of your RV trip, especially if you’re RVing with kids. Staying in a restaurant is a great idea, but a picnic lunch in the RV is also helpful so you can get back on the road quickly.

Make Shorter Trips:

It’s important that when you RV with kids that you keep their attention spans in mind. Try to make shorter trips when traveling with kids. This will keep everyone happier and make your trip a successful one. Plus, you will be able to see more and enjoy more camping!! Remember this is about quality time so this is a win-win situation.

Plan Kid-Friendly Entertainment:

Make sure that everyone has activities to keep them occupied during travel days. Bring along books, toys, games, or plan activities that will nurture their minds while riding along during the journey. Some ideas are playing the license plate game, or I spy (for younger kids). Sing-alongs are always fun. Older kids like to read if they don’t get car sick or play their handheld games.

Plan For Downtime

Sometimes traveling can be exhausting—plan for some downtime to recover a bit. Enjoy a nice night by the firepit and tell ghost stories. Take a short walk. Enjoy the outdoors. Not every activity has to be filled with adrenaline! Rest up in between big activities. Remember not always to overdo it. RV camping is fun, but exhaustion leads to bad moods and tantrums (even in adults).

Have a Weather Contingency Plan

Have A a Weather Contingency Plan When RVing With Kids
Have A a Weather Contingency Plan When RVing With Kids

Another thing that can ruin an RV camping trip quickly is the weather. Nothing can dampen the fun quicker than a rainstorm (pun intended). Don’t let it ruin your trip. Families can still have fun!

With a little planning, camping can still be super fun with the family, even during an unexpected rainstorm. Use some of these tips to plan, and before you know it, you will be out enjoying the great outdoors again!


Bring some games to liven up the inside of your RV with the family! Some indoor games that you can play with your kids are Gin Rummy with regular cards, Uno, or Phase Ten. These games don’t take up much storage space. They are quick to learn and are sure to bring on some laughs. Don’t forget to bring your favorite board games!! This tip is sure to create great and quality family time together.

Play Music:

Bring along some music that suits everyone’s taste to keep the family happy! Or even bring a ukulele for sing-alongs in campgrounds when RVing!!


Carry around your favorite books and read them out loud. If you RV with kids, then reading can be a fun and nurturing activity for all to enjoy!

Audio Books:

If you RV with kids, then audiobooks can be a great way to get in some listening material and have quiet time before bed. It is a great way to relax.

As long as everyone is happy and comfortable during travel days, RVing With Kids will be more fun than ever!!!

Coloring Books:

Bring a Coloring Book When RVing With Kids
Bring a Coloring Book When RVing With Kids

Coloring books are a great way to keep kids occupied during rainy days. They don’t take up much space and can be brought out at any time!!

Movie Time!:

Don’t ever forget the power of having family movie time!! Break out the popcorn and snacks, and the rest of the day will be a blast with the family.

Sleeping Arrangements

It is important when preparing for an RV trip with kids to plan for sleeping arrangements. Where will everyone sleep? Sometimes RV owners prioritize size and forget to think about how many people could sleep comfortably inside their RVs!! Personal space is important. Make sure that everyone has a comfortable place to rest at night!

If there are not enough beds inside the rig, one option is to place a tent outside for older children to sleep in. It is important to map out this arrangement before leaving for your trip. Make sure to bring enough bedding and pillows. Getting enough comfortable sleep will ensure that all family members are in good shape and ready to tackle the planned events scheduled for each day!

Meal Planning

 Meal Planning for An RV Trip
Meal Planning for An RV Trip

Meal planning is another important aspect of trip planning with children. Eating and fueling your body is important to ensure that everyone is up for all of the RVing adventures!

Be sure to bring enough food for each family member for each day of your trip. Or plan shopping excursions as needed throughout your vacation. Search for appropriate recipes that are healthy and tasty and that everyone will eat.

Making Memories

Get the kids involved in making and keeping memories in your RV adventures. Give them access to cameras (if they are of the appropriate age to do so). Let them keep and make a scrapbook of their adventures.

Videos and Pictures

Kids of all ages enjoy watching videos, so let them create their own RV trip video to show the family at home. They can also take pictures of each RVing experience throughout your journey! When you have reached a destination for the day, give everyone a disposable or digital camera to capture memories from that stop.

Bullet Journaling

Encourage your RV children to keep a “bullet journal” of their RV trip. This is especially helpful for the kiddos who are just learning how to write, but it can be fun and educational for any age child!

Bullet Journaling is a unique way to document RV trips for kids. They begin by creating a cover page, similar to what an author would do in writing a book report or college thesis paper. Next, they can draw and color pictures of their favorite RV memories from the trip so far!

Encourage your children to write out thoughts they have about certain experiences throughout each day and write down RV “fun facts” they have learned from their parents.

Maintain A Routine

A great way to maintain expectations and moods is to keep and maintain a routine that your kids are used to. This way, they will know what to expect and when. As RV travel can be a bit unpredictable at times due to weather or fuel availability, it’s important for you as the parent(s) to keep your child/ren on track with their own daily routines.

Be Flexible

As this is not an ordinary vacation but RV trips with kids, be prepared for any situations that may come up while RVing. This means being flexible with your RV schedule so you can enjoy the experience to its fullest!

Have a Safety Plan

Safety Plan For RV Travel
Safety Plan For RV Travel

It is important while traveling in any capacity to have a safety plan. It is imperative when traveling by RV. This is because RVing is a unique experience that can pose specific safety concerns. RV travel also offers many opportunities for adventure and fun, but it is important to have parameters in place, so your RV kids are safe while having the best RV trip ever!

First Aid Kit:

Make sure to bring a first aid kit with you when RVing with kids. In the RV, you may need to tend to cuts and scrapes as well as insect bites or bee stings!

Bring Medical Insurance Cards:

If your child is sick: In the RV, if your child becomes ill from something that they ate or drank while RVing, have a plan of action in place for what will be done to make them feel better.

Show Your Kids The RV Park and Have a Meet-Up Place:

Walk with your kids around the RV park. Show them where to go if they get lost. Have a meet-up place!!

Be prepared for any situation that may come up while RVing with kids and have the necessary tools on hand so you can deal with whatever comes your way!!

Keep Things Clean/ Organized For The Entire Family

While traveling in an RV, it can get messy and cluttered. It is important to clean regularly and keep things tidy. Get your kids involved in this. Keep your expectations clear. Show them where things go and teach them how to clean up after themselves. Have a time of day for cleaning. Get them involved.

Have a specific place for their things. RV children can be quite creative with the way they store their belongings. Make sure to have a specific place for all items that are RVing-related!

Indoor/ Outdoor Play Space

Give kids an indoor and outdoor play space. RV children need to keep active while RVing. Set up a designated spot outside the RV for them to play in when it’s not too hot or cold. One of the greatest things about RVing is the outdoor area. Bring a storage bin for the outdoor toys. Give kids a space to be outside. Let them play to their heart’s desire!!

Know the Park Rules

 Know The Campground Rules
Know The Campground Rules

Just like everywhere else in the world, there are rules. For RVers, there is an unspoken set of rules—camper etiquette. Parents must share the campground/RV park rules with their children not to upset nearby campers.

Parents should tell their kids not to walk through other RVers’ campsites. They should not be overly noisy. They should not touch other people’s belongings, etc. Below, there is an article about campground etiquette. RVers should be aware of these rules.

Be Patient and Flexible RVing is a great experience, but it can also be challenging at times. RV travel takes patience and flexibility. RV kids need to know this as well!!

Conclusion To RVing With Kids

Conclusion To RVing With Kids
Conclusion To RVing With Kids

 In the end, you must accept that RVing with kids is not going to be a walk in the park – it can actually be quite rewarding. We hope this article has given you some helpful tips and tricks for your journey. We also recommend reading our blog post about how to plan an RV Trip before setting off on your next adventure! Happy trails, fellow parents of little ones!

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