RV Cooking Tips: The Best RV Kitchen Appliances For You

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Introduction to RV Kitchen Tips and RV Kitchen Appliances

Are you an avid RV traveler? Do you love cooking on the road? If so, then this blog post is for you! We are going to discuss the best RV kitchen appliances for your vehicle. You will learn how to create a fully functioning kitchen in your home away from home and enjoy all of those tasty meals while camping out.

RV Cooking Tips: Best RV Kitchen Appliances
RV Cooking Tips: Best RV Kitchen Appliances

What Are The Best RV Kitchen Appliances?

Instant Pot


The Instant Pot is our #1 pick for RV kitchen must-haves. There are many models available for purchase. The main difference between the different models is the number of functions that are available.

What You Can Cook

You can cook and prepare many meals and food items in an instant pot. You can make anything from soups, desserts, main courses, rice, bread, and more. The only limit is your creativity.

How to Use an Instant Pot

The instant pot features and functions are effortless to learn. There are tons of directions available online and in different forums. The actual instructions for cooking and preparing different items differ depending on the recipe and function that you are using.

Functions include: sauteing, steaming, pressure cooking, air frying, yogurt making, rice making, and bread/ cake baking.

The basic instructions are that you need to place your desired food item into the pot, turn on the pot for the desired time, and wait. It is super simple.

It is very easy and straightforward to use. You can make a meal in just minutes with the help of your electric pressure cooker. The pot cooks food by quickly releasing steam which locks in flavor, nutrients, and moisture while sealing in vitamins for later release when you’re ready to eat!


The prices for purchasing an Instant pot depend greatly on the number of functions that you choose and the size of the inner pot. The basic model starts at around $80. The upgraded models can cost up to $300.


The size of the Instant Pot depends on the model that you choose. The smallest is the 3-quart pot. It comes in at 11.81 x 10.51 x 10.98 inches. The largest Instant Pot on the market, currently, is the 8 quart. The size of the 8 qt is 14.4 x 13.9 x 14.2 inches.


There are many different coffee makers on the market that are available for purchase. Our pick for a coffee maker is the Nespresso. It is small, makes great coffee, and doesn’t use a ton of energy.

Types of Coffee That You Can Make

You can make many different types of coffee in a Nespresso machine. The different types include espresso, lungo (long), cappuccino, and cafe creme.


The price of a Nespresso coffee maker ranges from $89.99 to $199.95, depending on the model that you decide to buy. The differences between the models include the size of coffee drink available, size of the machine, how big the water reserve tank is, colors, and more.

Coffee Press

If a coffee-making machine is not the right fit for you or your RV space, the next best thing is a coffee press. Coffee Presses make excellent coffee. You have complete control over the strength, temperature, and size of the beverage.

You can also use any type of ground coffee you choose. They are super easy to store and don’t take up a lot of space making them a perfect choice for RVers.


The price of a coffee press varies greatly. Some of the differences that affect the purchase price include the type of material the press is made of, the size of the press, the quality of the internal filter, and the ability to hold temperature.

A simple affordable french coffee press can start at a price of $14.00 and go up to $200+.

Range/ Oven

Most modern RVs come with a range and oven installed if it is large enough to hold one. This is a modern convenience that is highly desirable when thinking about your kitchen space and cooking functionality.


The most popular brand of RV oven that is installed in most recreational vehicles is the Furrion. Furion is a decent brand that comes in a variety of sizes and colors. Most choices are installed based on the available space and color scheme of the vehicle.

These ovens and ranges work quite nicely and provide the basic abilities to cook on a stove and bake, broil, steam, and cook many different types of foods.

The range itself can be installed with gas or electric burners.


A microwave is another standard kitchen appliance that is generally installed into recreational vehicles that have space. Some of the newer models come with added functions that include an air fryer and convection oven in one.


The price of microwaves and range/ ovens vary greatly. The only time you will need to know this answer is if you have some sort of problem with your already installed appliances. At that point, a dealer or service department can go over your options for installation and ordering.

Air Fryer

An air fryer is a recent invention made to be included or installed in RV kitchens. Air frying cuts down on fat intake and uses less oil than deep-frying, making it a healthier cooking option for RVs.

There are many countertop versions of air fryers available for purchase. The size, color, capacity, and quality of the items affect how much you will pay for one.


A countertop air fryer price ranges from $50 to $200.


The size of a countertop air fryer also varies greatly. The smallest on the market is the Philips HD9230/26. This is a three-liter capacity air fryer that can cook up to two cups of food at once and has an easy-to-clean nonstick surface for simple care and maintenance.

The larger option in this category is the Delonghi AIF 2524C Airfryer. Which type, size, and model you choose will be based on many different things. These things include storage, counter space, what you plan to cook in the fryer, and more.

Hand Mixer

When we moved from our sticks and bricks into our RV full-time, one of the things that I found most difficult to part with was my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I grappled with this for quite some time before finally deciding that giving up my tiny amount of counter space was just not worth it.

Having done lots of research into finding an alternative worthy of replacing my mixer, I found a Kitchen Aid hand mixer that is capable of mixing the toughest of ingredients and takes up much less space. I couldn’t be happier.


What can you do with a hand mixer? Well, with a Kitchen Aid hand mixer it’s possible to mix doughs and batters. You can also whip cream or egg whites for that light and fluffy texture in desserts such as whipped cheesecake or meringue pie topping. This is one of the most versatile kitchen appliances you’ll ever find!


There are many different hand mixers on the market today. Some of those options cost a lot less than my number one choice- Kitchen Aid. With that said, there is a HUGE difference in ease of use, storage, functionality, and overall quality between less expensive models and the one that I eventually chose.

Kitchen appliances, when you like to cook, should be considered an investment. You want to purchase a high enough quality item that can handle the recipes that you plan to execute. You also don’t want to have to replace your item every six months due to inferior product caliber.

The price of an inferior hand mixer can be as low as $20, but you’re better off spending $50-100 on a high-quality mixer. They’ll last for years longer than the cheaper models and they make cooking easier with more functions.

The Kitchen Aid hand mixer that I chose to purchase was … and worth every penny.

Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is an option for those who want to set up their RV in a permanent spot for the winter. It’s also great when you want to make dinner without heating up your kitchen, or if you don’t have an oven available.

The amount of space that a slow cooker takes up needs to be considered and compared to the number of functions that it provides. Not worth it in my book when you can purchase an instant pot instead.


Crockpots are generally a one-trick pony, but they do that one thing very well. Crockpots can take up less space than instant pots and cost significantly less.

With that said, crock pots have been around forever, they make great meals, and they are super affordable. You will have no problem finding a great recipe online.


Crockpots/ slow cookers range in price from $20- $200. Determining factors include capacity, quality, functions, type of insert, and size.

Convection Oven

The convection oven is great for those who want to save on energy costs. Convection ovens generally run much more efficiently than a conventional oven, requiring less power and cooking food twice as fast.

A convection oven can also be used in conjunction with your microwave to cook larger meals or bake bread quicker than you would in a traditional oven.


A convection oven is easy to use and has many functions.

You can cook many things in a convection oven including meat, chicken, bread, biscuits, and pastries. You are only limited to your imagination. You can find many different recipes online and on Pinterest.


A convection oven can range in price from $150-$600 depending on the size of your RV kitchen or if you want to purchase a countertop model instead.

Berkey Water Filtration System

The Berkey Water Filtration System is a great addition to any RV. This system is a must for those who want to make sure that they are drinking clean water, or for people living in a city where tap water can be unsafe.

Berkey systems come with two black containers and one white container. These three components work together to purify your water before it’s delivered into your cup. The first step of the process is to fill the top container with water and let it filter through a carbon rod.

The Berkey system filters out 99% of all bacteria like E-coli, salmonella, and cholera. It also filters out 98% of all chemicals like chlorine, benzene, mercury, lead, parasites (giardia), and more!

The Berkey system is easy to set up with no installation fees or any kind of maintenance needed for the lifetime of your product. In addition to that, it is very easy to use.

Berkey Systems are great for every household, but they are especially practical in an RV because of the low profile design that makes them perfect for smaller spaces!


The price of a Berkey Filtration System starts at $170 and can range up to $550, depending on the model you choose. It is well worth every penny spent.

Cuisinart 5 in 1 grill and Panini Maker

A Cuisinart 5 in 1 Grill/ Panini/ Waffle/ Panini maker is a fantastic purchase for an RV because it has so many different functions, takes up so little space, and is super durable.

This grill/panini maker is perfect for the RV because it has a removable wireframe and drip tray, non-stick cooking surface, floating cover to regulate heat, separate waffle plates that are easy to clean with dishwashing liquid.

The Cuisinart Grill also comes with an instruction booklet which makes it really simple to use. You just can’t lose with its multiple cooking functions.


The Cuisinart Grill/Panini maker can cook a variety of different foods including vegetables, meats, eggs, pancakes, and more. It is also very easy to clean because the non-stick surface makes it easier to wipe down than most other grill surfaces.


Cuisinart grills range from $45-$150, depending on the features that you need.

Immersion Blender

The immersion blender is a must-have for any RV.

This kitchen appliance does not take up much space and can be stored in most cabinets or drawers, making it very convenient to use when you need it. With the mixer on top of your pot, container, or soup bowl, all you have to do is place the food at the bottom and leave it to do its job.

The immersion blender is useful for many purposes such as making soup, homemade baby food, fruit smoothies, or mashing potatoes.


An immersion blender takes up little space because of its compact design so you can store it in most RVs without taking too much room away from other important kitchen items.


A simple immersion blender can start at a price of $25 and go up to $150.

Countertop Ice Maker

A countertop ice maker is a fantastic splurge for an RV.

An ice maker will make it so much easier to keep your refrigerator fully stocked with cold drinks, and the small size of this appliance makes it perfect for an RV.

The countertop ice maker is a great purchase because not only does it save space in an already cramped RV kitchen, but also saves money on water bills by eliminating trips to buy bags of ice. It will keep your outdoor cooler at the right temperature on a hot day and your beverages nice and cold.


Countertop ice makers start at $150 and go up to $500.

Wine Bottle Opener

A nice wine bottle opener is a must-have for those romantic evenings by the campfire. Wine bottle openers are great to have in an RV to open those lovely bottles of cab with ease.

The wine bottle opener is also useful for those special occasions when someone brings over their favorite vintage and needs help opening the wine bottles. And who doesn’t need that?


A good wine bottle opener can start at $25 and go up to $100.

Collapsible Tea Kettle

Collapsible tea kettles are one of the best inventions for RVers who are looking for fantastic space-saving items. They are super functional and really easy to store.

This little lifesaver is great to have in an RV because it can be plugged in and used to heat up water very quickly. It also has a handy measuring guide that allows you to make iced tea, hot cocoa, and other delicious beverages with ease.


A collapsible tea kettle starts at $25 and goes up to $100.

Outdoor: RV Kitchen Appliances

King Disc Grill

The King Disc Grill is a revelation for outdoor chefs.

It is a great piece of equipment to invest in for those who love BBQing and cooking outside.

This grill has three separate plates that are coated with porcelain, which makes it easier to clean than most grills on the market. It is super portable with collapsible legs. It makes the most delicious food for the outdoor foodie in you. Think pealla and gumbo!!

Check out this baby online here!


The King Disc Grill ranges from $450 to $900.


Another outdoor favorite is the Blackstone grill.

This grill has a lot of features that make it perfect for the outdoor chef. One great feature is its stainless steel construction which means you can cook almost anything on this grill without worrying about nick or scratch marks being left behind.

The Blackstone also heats up very quickly making cooking fast and easy outdoors, as well as giving you more time to enjoy your time in the great outdoors.


The Blackstone grill starts at $230 and goes up to $350. There are also a ton of add ons and accessories available for purchase with your Blackstone.

Things to Consider When Purchasing RV Kitchen Appliances/ RV Kitchen Gadgets

Things to consider when purchasing rv kitchen appliances
Things to consider when purchasing rv kitchen appliances

There are many things to consider when purchasing your RV Kitchen appliances. You want to make sure that you are not just filling up your amazon cart before thinking about all of the important factors that go into putting together the perfect RV kitchen.

  1. Size/ space: You will want to think about how much space each item will take up in the cupboards or on the countertops. Where will you store each thing? What are the dimensions of the item that you plan to order?
  2. Ease of Use: Will you actually use the item when you are camping? Is it easy to use? Will it just sit there during your trip? Is it difficult to assemble? You will most likely be wasting your money if you will never use the item.
  3. Price: Is the item very expensive? Is it very inexpensive and likely to break after a few uses? These are important factors to pay attention to.
  4. Ratings: It is important to read reviews from previous users. What recommendations did they have?
  5. Aesthetics: Is the item a good fit for your RV? Will it look good in your RV kitchen? Is this important to you?
RV Cooking Outdoors
RV Cooking Outdoors

Articles with Recipes

RV Cooking Recipes
RV Cooking Recipes

Here are some articles with some recipes for you to check out!!


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Conclusion To RV Kitchen Appliances/ RV Cooking Tips

Conclusion To RV Cooking Tips: Best RV Kitchen Appliances
Conclusion To RV Cooking Tips: Best RV Kitchen Appliances

So what are the best RV kitchen appliances for you? We hope that this list has given you some ideas. Maybe there’s a new gadget on here or two to make your life in an RV easier and more enjoyable. As with any big purchase, it can be hard to know which one is right for you without trying them out first hand. If we haven’t answered all of your questions about these products, don’t hesitate to ask us! What’s your favorite RV kitchen appliance?

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