RV Bedroom Storage and Organization: Space-Saving Items and Solutions

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Introduction To RV Bedroom Storage

 Rv organization is the biggest task that most Rv’ers need inspiration and tips for. Downsizing your sticks and bricks home to move into an RV is a difficult task. Where do you begin? This article will tackle the difficult topic of bedroom storage. Where will you put all of your clothing, shoes, accessories and still have a comfortable place to sleep? There are many space saving items and solutions to help with this cumbersome venture. 


You may be starting with a walk-in closet and a wardrobe that can have you heading into the office one minute and into a fancy party the next. You have all of the clothing essentials to fit any occasion. But what do you do with all of this when you decide that you are moving into an RV and your closet is now the size of a toaster and it is meant to be shared? You find the best plan for storage and you begin to downsize. 

RV Bedroom Organization
RV Bedroom Organization


Slim Hangers
Slim Hangers

These hangers are thin. This makes it possible to fit more items in your new-to-you very small closet. This is probably the best small closet hack that exists. Make sure to purchase quality hangers that won’t break. Also, these specific hangers have velvet material added so that your clothes won’t slip off during travel. They are absolutely fantastic and a MUST purchase. 

Storage Cubes

Stacking cubes
Stacking cubes

These storage cubes come in a flat package with the end pieces and instructions on how to put together. You can build them in any way you need to fit into your closet. They can be readjusted as many times as your needs change. You can build as many or as few as you need. The parts that you don’t use can easily be stored while taking up very little room. These are great for folding jeans and sweaters in the closet. 


photo of brown wooden file cabinet: Packing bags
Packing bags

Honestly, these bags are the best thing for RV storage. They can be used to store anything. We use them to roll up t-shirts, store underwear, socks, pajamas, and more. They fit nicely into any drawers in the trailer. They also fit nicely in the overhead cupboards above the bed. We used indelible markers to label each bag to easily identify what we are looking for. Everything is easy to find and stays neat and tidy. No messy piles of clothing!! 

What To Do With The Clothes you Are Getting Rid Of?

Thred up: Thred up is also an app that you can put on your phone. It is a bit different than postmark. You send in your items and they are sold on a consignment basis. You start by requesting a bag. The bag is sent to you at no charge. You send in the clothing items that you with to part with. Thred up staff then takes pictures of them and markets them. They will offer you a one time price, which you can accept or you can wait until the items sell and get a higher payout. Whatever doesn’t sell will either be shipped back to you (at your expense) or donated. https://www.thredup.com

Donate: Donating to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or any other worthwhile charity is also a great option. Don’t forget to ask for a receipt and use the donation as a write off the next time you file your taxes. 

Buffalo Exchange: Buffalo exchange works a bit like Thred up in that they will also send you a bag at no charge. You will send in the items that you wish to sell. Buffalo exchange will go through your items and determine the resale value and offer you a cash amount or a higher gift card amount that can be used in their online store. There are brick and mortar stores in some locations as well. https://www.buffaloexchange.com


There may be some storage under your bed. I have found that out under-bed storage is better used for coats, and other storage. We actually store our shoes outside. We keep some readily available inside with hooks. 


Hanging Hooks
Hanging Hooks

We hang hooks by the bed and by the door so that we have a few pairs of shoes that are easy to grab and throw on. This keeps the floor clean and free of debris and clutter and keeps everything that we need right where we need it. 


We have this lightweight and collapsible shed that we keep right outside our door to store extra shoes. It looks tidy outside and gives us an extra place to store items. It comes apart extremely easily and lays flat (easy to put right in the aisle of the trailer when traveling). We store our shoes in the shed which frees up closet and bedroom space. It also gives us an extra place to store our golf clubs. 

Under Bed Storage

In our last trailer, we had a Momentum 5th wheel, we had this under-bed shoe storage system. It worked great. We can no longer use a system like this because we now have drawers that pull out. This system is a great option for shoe storage as well. It keeps shoes off of the ground, out of sight, and out of the way. 


This just leaves Accessories and other bedroom necessities such as hats and belts etc. Hooks and storage boxes have helped us to store the odds and ends that we like to keep handy in our bedroom. We hang some items which allows us to keep things tidy and accessible. 


Hanging hooks with clothes
Hanging hooks with clothes

We use hooks to hang up our jackets, gym bag, hats, and other accessories. Hooks are an RV’ers best friend.

Storage Boxes

storage boxes
storage boxes

These storage boxes in the drawers by the bed are great for cords. You will never have trouble finding what you need and everything stays neat. 


Bedroom storage is a tough one for someone downsizing from a house to an RV. With these tips, tricks and storage ideas, you will definitely be on your way to full-timing in style. It just takes a little effort and a little magic with the help of amazon. 

Thanks for reading. Please share what tips and tricks have worked for you. Please subscribe and share. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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