Our Top Picks For RV Locks: What To Purchase and Why You Need To Upgrade Now!!

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Introduction to RV Locks

If you have an RV, RV lock is a device that has been proven to be very effective in preventing theft of the RV. RV entry locks are designed with a variety of features and options for RV owners to choose from to ensure they get the best protection. In this article, we will explore some of the top-rated RV entry locks available on Amazon so that you can make an informed decision about which one is right for your needs.

RV Locks
RV Locks

What Are RV Locks?

RV door locks are devices that you can put on RV doors to prevent intruders from getting into your RV. These RV door locks go over the outside of a door, and there is usually a locking mechanism above the handle which turns in order for someone to get out of their RV.

Why You Need To Upgrade Your RV Door Locks

It is likely that the lock that came on your RV when you purchased it is the same lock/ key system that is on many other RVs. This can’t be safe right? the lock that is typically used is a CH751 key entry lock. This particular key can be purchased online or at many local hardware stores.

This means that anyone who can access or obtain that key can enter your storage spaces or your living space in the RV. This is simply not a great security feature. If you are one of the lucky RV owners who have this system, you need to upgrade your locks immediately!!

Are The Standard Locks For Purchase Universal?

Universal RV Door Locks/ Keys
Universal RV Door Locks/ Keys

Standard RV door locks are not universal, which means you need to make sure that they fit on your RV before purchasing them. You can get a standard RV lock for each of the RV doors available, or if there is just one door then it will be able to cover all entry points into the RV.

Things To Consider When Shopping For Your New RV Lock

Things to Consider
Things to Consider

There are many RV locking systems available on the market, all of which have their pros and cons.

Some RV owners prefer to purchase a lock that has both the keyed entry point as well as an electronic access point via PIN code or remote control. This can be very convenient for RV owners who want easy access in case they forget their keys at home.

RV Door Locks: What To Purchase and Why – An introduction to RV security devices, their benefits, and features to consider when purchasing a new one! If you have an RV, then it is important that you protect your storage spaces and RV living spaces.

RV entry locks are designed to keep intruders out by placing them over the outside of a door, locking it in place with an added feature such as a key port or PIN code entry point that is only accessible by you! Here is a list of things to consider when shopping for your new upgraded RV lock.

What Are The RV Locks Made Of? :

RV locks come in a variety of materials. Some RV owners prefer to have an RV lock that is made out of steel or aluminum, while some RV owners like having the option for their RV door lock to be weatherproof and waterproof.

The Key Entry Point:

In the past, RV owners had to get a new key for each RV entry point they were going to lockdown. That might not be necessary anymore! Make sure you know what kind of access points your RV has before buying RV door locks.

RV owners who have a keyed entry point will need to purchase RV door locks that go over the outside of their RV doors and cover it up with added features such as key ports or PIN code access points.

Is It Easy To Install:

Is It Easy To Install?
Is It Easy To Install?

RV locking systems are not always easy to install. Make sure you know whether your RV door locks need any kind of installation before purchasing them, or if it is a simple “slide over” option that can be added on easily without additional preparation measures.

Lock Type:

RV door locks come in a variety of different types. RV owners should make sure that they know what kind of lock their RV door has before purchasing RV door locks, as not all RV locks will fit on every style of RV entry point.

You can purchase an upgraded standard keyed or electronic access point for each entrance into your RV storage spaces and living spaces. RV locks can even be purchased to simply cover up existing RV door locks! Make sure that whatever you choose is a highly rated and quality product.


How Much Does It Cost?
How Much Does It Cost?

RV locks are not cheap! RV owners should expect to pay a decent price for upgraded RV door security, but it is worth the investment. The typical price range for upgraded RV lock systems is around $20 to over $200 depending on the features and lock type you choose. Save money and time by doing your research ahead of time.

What Is Keyless Entry And How Does It Work?

Keyless Entry: How Does It Work?
Keyless Entry: How Does It Work?

Keyless entry is a convenient RV security feature that will keep intruders out of your RV storage spaces and RV living space. It works by using the technology of remote access or PIN codes to open up your RV door locks! Some camper lock systems come with a handy key fob for entry.


RV locks that are both wireless and keyless are fantastic. Not only do they provide a unique locking system for your RV but they are a simple upgrade due to their installation requirements.

RV owners can use this type of lock to open and close their RV doors without the need for keys, which is an added convenience that most RV owners enjoy having! They are easier to install due to their wireless design. RV locks that come with a keyless entry system typically cost over $100.


An RV door lock’s PIN code access point is another way to keep intruders out of your RV storage spaces and living space, but it can be used for added convenience as well! Some RV owners like having the option of a PIN code entry point for their RV door locks because it allows them to type in a passcode or number of choices without having to carry around the hassle of keys.

RV owners who have keypad access on their RV can also program multiple PIN numbers, meaning you do not have to worry about forgetting your own unique security system! The only downside to RV locks with a keyless entry system is that they are typically more expensive than RV door locks without them.


Some keyless entry door locks come with a Bluetooth option. This means RV owners can open RV door locks from a distance without having to actually get close enough to the RV itself.

It is an added feature that some RV owners might not need, but it definitely has its benefits! The downside of this type of RV locking system is that they typically cost more than traditional keyless entry systems for RV doors.

Our Top Picks and Brands For Keyless Entry Locks:

 Top Picks For Keyless Entry RV Locks
Top Picks For Keyless Entry RV Locks

RV owners can choose from a number of different brands and RV lock systems. Here are the top three keyless entry locks that we recommend to our customers!

Make sure you know what kind of security your RV door has before purchasing. Always consider upgrading it with an added access point such as a PIN code system. RV locks are not cheap, but they can be a worthwhile investment.

RVLock V4:

This RV lock V4 is a keyless entry system that has the convenience of being wireless. It also comes with a Bluetooth option. It can even be used as an emergency spare key for your motorhome! The RVLock V-Series comes in three different colors. This making it easy for RV owners to customize their RV door locks just how they like them.

Price- $150


The Rungao RV door lock system is a great quality option for RV owners who are on a budget.

Rungao’s keyless entry system is wireless. It has an added PIN code feature that can be used by RV owners if they decide. RV owners can get up to three different locks for their RV door using this keyless entry system!

Price – $100 to $150 per lock.

AP Products

AP Products has a door lock that is a great option for RV owners who want a keyless entry system. It comes with Bluetooth capabilities. The AP Products lock is weatherproof and water-resistant. This makes it great for RV owners who might have to park their RV in an area with harsh winter conditions.

Price – $120-$180 per door.

What Is A High-Security Door Lock?

High Security RV Locks
High Security RV Locks

A high-security RV door lock is one that has been manufactured to be an extremely difficult lock to break. This type of locking system will protect your RV’s storage spaces while also helping to prevent you from loss of valuables.

Owners should make sure they know what kinds of RV door locks are on their doors before making any purchases. If they don’t already have an anti-theft system, then we recommend choosing a high-security RV door lock.

Our Picks For High-Security RV Locks/ Brands

Top Picks for High Security RV Locks
Top Picks for High Security RV Locks


RVers who are looking for a door lock that is especially high-tech and secure, should consider choosing the RupSE. This lock can be used on both sides of your RV’s doors, making it perfect if you want extra protection.

This RV lock system also comes with an added PIN code system that RV owners can use to prevent thieves from entering their RV storage spaces!

Price- $90 per lock.


Another high-security RV lock option is the MKing RV Door Locks System. It features a unique design and comes with an added PIN code feature for extra safety measures.

This RV door lock is weatherproof. This means RV owners can use it even when parked outdoors or during harsh winter seasons!

Price- $100 for one RV door lock.

How Does a Deadbolt Entry Door Lock Work?

An RV deadbolt is a lock that works like a standard deadbolt. It fits into the hole in your RV’s doorknob.

It should be noted that regular deadbolt systems for a sticks and bricks house will not work in an RV. You will need to purchase one that is made specifically for use in a recreational vehicle.

Best Deadbolt Locks For RV’s

Kohree RV Deadbolt Locks:

The Kohree RV deadbolt is perfect for RVers who are looking to secure their RV doors with exceptionally high-tech products. This lock features the highest level of anti-theft technology, making it a great option if you want extra security!

Price- $30 per RV door lock.

AP Products RV Deadbolt Lock:

Another great option for RV owners who want a deadbolt system that offers anti-theft technology is AP Product’s lock. It also comes with an added PIN code feature!

This RV door lock system features weatherproof and water-resistant capabilities which means RV owners can use it no matter what season they’re RVing in!

Price- $140 per RV door lock.

How Do I Install My New Entry Door RV Lock?

How To Install Entry Door RV Lock: Instructions
How To Install Entry Door RV Lock

RV owners who purchase a new RV door locks system will need to install their RV lock before they can use it. Fortunately, installing this type of RV lock is easy and only takes about 20 minutes!

RV owners should start by removing the doorknob that holds their current deadbolt in place. They’ll then attach the bolt section onto the RV’s door. Next up, RV owners should attach their RV deadbolt lock to the bolt section with a special clip and screw it into place!

If you are installing a keyless entry RV lock system, RV owners should simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation!

More Ideas on RV Security

More RV Security Information
More RV Security Information

Locks are not the only way to protect your vehicle and belongings. It is important to employ numerous safety measures when traveling or living in an RV. Here is a list of other types of security options.

Security System:

RV owners can purchase RV security systems that monitor their RV’s door, preventing intruders from getting inside. These are usually activated by motion sensors and send alerts to the owner if someone tampers with the device or tries to enter without permission!

Motion Sensors:

RV owners can also install RV motion sensors on their RV’s doors or around the rig so when someone enters or is contemplating entering, the owner will be alerted. These are great for parking lots or overnight stays at a campground!


RV insurance is important to protect your belongings in the event of theft or damage while you’re away from your RV. It also offers protection against RV burglaries while parked!


Purchasing a fireproof safe to store your valuables inside your RV is a great way to keep your belongings safe and secure! RV owners can bolt their safes into the floor of the RV for extra protection.

  • Read this article for detailed information on RV security and systems.


Conclusion to RV Locks
Conclusion to RV Locks

We hope that after reading this article, you have a better understanding of the importance of upgrading your RV entry locks. Whether it’s for security purposes or to make life easier on yourself and family members around the campground, we recommend going with one of our top picks. There are many reasons people decide to upgrade their RV lock – all these reasons can be found in this blog post! Let us know if you need help choosing which lock is best for you as well as how much money should be budgeting on replacing them! It’s always good to keep up-to-date with new technology when living an adventurous lifestyle like those who choose RVs over homes.

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