How To Organize Your RV Kitchen: Awesome Suggestions

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When it comes to organizing your RV Kitchen, space is a limited commodity. It is important to organize your RV kitchen items well. This is easier than it may seem. There are tons of available products that can help to make RV kitchen organization not only possible, but easy. 

This article will show you the best items, tips and hacks for how to organize your RV kitchen. You will be prepared for any trip. Cooking will be a breeze when you are organized and your kitchen and pantry items are stored properly. After reading, you will be better prepared to maximize your cabinet and storage space. 

RV Kitchen Organization
RV Kitchen Organization

Food and Pantry Storage To Organize Your RV Kitchen

RV Pantry Organization and Storage
RV Pantry Organization and Storage

Maximizing the food storage options in your RV kitchen area is difficult in even the most spacious of RV models. Making the best use of cupboards and space that is offered is often one of the biggest challenges. Getting creative is important. There are many items that are available that can assist in the process in your RV kitchen organization.

Spices: Spices can be stored in these cute ball jar shaped ziplock bags to reduce the amount of space that they would normally take.

Airtight Food Storage Containers: Use these containers to store your dry goods such as flour and sugar to keep cupboard space tidy and make items easily accessible. \

Dishes To Organize Your RV Kitchen

Organize RV Dishes
Organize RV Dishes

Organizing your dishes and cooking utensils will make it easy to cook when traveling or living full-time in your RV. As stated previously, there isn’t a whole lot of room in the kitchen area. That doesn’t mean that you won’t need the same amount of items to prepare your meals.

These items will assist you in using your space effectively to keep the items that you need the most while still being able to prepare those chef worthy meals that you are famous for.

Plastic Plate Cupboard Organizer: With this clever item, you will be able to use the vertical space in the cupboard to your advantage and easily grab those plates when needed.

Magma Stacking Pots and Pans: These Pots and Pans are durable, worth every penny, will last forever and stack perfectly to fit in that small kitchen area!! Don’t waste your money on the cheap alternative.

Wall Mounted Magnetic Knife Holder: This wall mounted knife holder will keep your knives just out of the way, keep your drawer storage available for other necessities, all the while giving you access to your needed prep tools.

Collapsible Silicone Food Storage Containers: These containers are fantastic!! They fold down incredibly small. They can be used in food prep, food storage, or for serving.

Collapsible Mixing Bowl: This sturdy bowl can be used to mix ingredients or serve a dish. It folds down small. It is incredibly versatile.

Sundries and Cleaning Products To Organize Your RV Kitchen

Every kitchen needs cleaning products. You just don’t want them in the way when you are prepping and cooking. Here are some items and hacks that will keep your cleaning items out of the way when you need them to be and within reach for clean up time.

Adjustable Broom and Dustpan: This item from Camco was created for RV’ers. It folds down incredibly small. It works great and is worth every cent. This broom is super easy to store and works great.

Wall Mounted Wire Basket: This wall-mounted basket fits perfectly behind the sink. It is a great place to store your dishwashing soap and sponge. This wire mixer keeps the soap out of the way when you are preparing your food and keeps your soap within reach when you are ready for clean-up. It is truly a handy solution.


Having a few small but worthy appliances instead of big and bulky ones are an RV’ers best friend in the kitchen. You want great appliances that can handle the job but don’t take up a ton of space. Below are some items that are highly recommended.

Kitchen Maid Hand Mixer: This hand mixer is utterly fantastic. It can do EVERYTHING!! This hand mixer has tons of speed and can even make bread. It is truly a work of art. There is no room in an RV for a stand mixer. This is the next best thing. It doesn’t take up much room and it practically works just as well. Five stars for sure!!

Cuisinart 5- in-1 Griddler: This griddle can make pancakes, paninis, waffles, you name it. It really can make just about anything. If you don’t want to use your propane. This is the answer. It takes up a little more space than some of your other appliances but, it really does a lot of things. It is well worth it!!

Extra Products To Organize Your RV Kitchen

Other Products To organize your RV Kitchen Space
Other Products To organize your RV Kitchen Space

Looking for some other Kitchen RV organization and storage ideas. Look no further. Here are more hacks, ideas and tips for you!!

Ice Cube Bin and Scoop Tray: If your RV doesn’t have the countertop space for an ice maker. This handy ice tray and bin with scoop is just amazing. It doesn’t take up a lot of freezer space and it is great for grabbing a scoop of ice.

Command Hooks: Command hooks are the ultimate RV hack for every room. Hang your keys, jackets, shoes, face masks, and more. Keep your items organized and off the ground and horizontal spaces with hooks.

Plastic Bag Holder: These plastic bag holders will keep your area looking tidy and they are super cute to boot!!

Reusable Leakproof Storage Bags: These are a great alternative to ziplock bags. They are washable and reusable. They store food nicely in the fridge and don’t take up a ton of storage space.

Adjustable Folding Drink Holders: These folding drink holders work fantastic. They are not an eyesore (I thought that they would be). They are quite sturdy. These cup holders fold up neatly and work great!!

Under Cabinet Wine Rack: This is an awesome solution for storing bottles of wine. Free up cupboard space and use your wine as a decorative touch.

Tea Bag Organizer: This is another great idea. Instead of using kitchen cupboard space for tea storage. Use this tea bag storage organizer to store your teabags. It is very handy and cute.

Couch Arm Cup Holder: This couch arm cup holder works great. Don’t take chances with spilling and ruining your expensive furniture. Use this cup holder and protect your investment.


Conclusion to RV Kitchen Organization
Conclusion to RV Kitchen Organization

Life is much easier with a tidy living space. Now that you are an expert on how to organize your RV kitchen and surrounding area, cooking and and cleanup will be a breeze. Make your meals with the peace of mind that you will attain with these easy to follow tips and tricks. We will see you out there on your camping adventures.

Be sure to comment with your best organization tips and tricks. For more RV organization tips read this article.

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