The Truth About Good Sam Membership: Is It Worth the Cost?

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The Truth About Good Sam Membership: Is It Worth the Cost? If you’re a frequent traveler, then you may have heard of Good Sam membership. Good Sam is a company that offers discounts, roadside assistance, and other travel-related services to its members. But is Good Sam worth the cost? In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at Good Sam membership options and determine whether it is worth the price.

RV Park: Good Sam membership

What Types of Memberships Does Good Sam Offer?

Discount Membership

Good Sam Membership Benefits:

-10% off nightly stays at select Good Sam RV Parks/ campgrounds

-discounts at all camping world retail locations and other retail outlets

-gas and fuel savings at flying j and pilot locations

-free shipping from camping world and other select retail locations

-15% savings when you purchase propane at camping world

-Free use of dump stations at camping world and Gander RV

RV roadside assistance

Good Sam Roadside Assistance

Good Sam offers roadside assistance plans that cover you and your family for any auto, travel trailer, or RV in your possession. These plans cover all towing costs (for any distance) to service your vehicle if you have any accident or roadside emergency while traveling. They also provide tire, fuel, and trip interruption coverage to provide you with peace of mind. The plan even offers discounts on repairs.

Extended Service Plan

All vehicles, when purchased new, come with some warranty coverage. Good Sam offers an extended service plan program to cover you when the manufacturer’s RV warranty ceases. The plans are available for your personal vehicles and your travel trailer or RV.

The service plan covers the heating, waste, suspension, leveling, slide systems, and more. It will even cover your tires. There is no mileage limit. It is fully transferable if you purchase or trade-in your vehicle. And you have the option to choose where the work is completed. They even offer travel benefits, including lodging and meals. This is fantastic if you are a full-timer and your rig needs to spend some time in the shop.

How Much Does a Good Sam Membership Cost?

  • Discount Membership: The discount memberships begin at $29 per year
  • Roadside Assistance: The RV plans begin at $65 per year
  • Extended Service Plan: The Extended Service plans are based on your vehicle’s age, type, and value. You can go to the link below to request a quote. The payments can be made annually, monthly, or quarterly.

Is Good Sam Worth Joining?

gray tent on top of mountain: Save money on campgrounds

The Good Sam membership has a lot to offer. If you are a frequent traveler, then it is definitely worth considering. The discounts at camping world and other retail locations can save you a lot of money, especially on larger purchases. And the roadside assistance plans are some of the best in the business. They will cover you for any emergency while you are on the road.

The extended service plans are also a great value. They cover a lot of items that your manufacturer’s warranty will not. And the travel benefits can come in handy if you have to take your rig in for repairs.

Overall, Good Sam is a great membership to have and is definitely worth the cost. Join Good Sam today and start saving!

Good Sam Membership is Worth the Cost

Other Services That a Good Sam membership Offers

shallow focus photography of gray mailbox: mail forwarding service: good sam

Along with the discount memberships, roadside assistance, and extended service plans, Good Sam also offers various other services.

Some of these include:

-RV financing

-Insurance for your RV or personal vehicle

-A Good Sam Credit Card that offers cashback on all purchases made at Camping

-RV rental services

-A Good Sam Resorts program that offers discounts on hotel stays and other activities

-RV inspections

-Good Sam Mail Service

-Consumer Advocacy Line

-Travel Assistance and Planning

-Outdoor lifestyle tips with online access to their website

-member’s only specials at Camping World

-Customer Service Phone Number (1800-234-3450)

There is something for everyone with Good Sam. If you are an RV enthusiast, then there is no doubt that Good Sam has a membership plan that is right for you. Join today and start saving!

Pros (Good Sam Perks Include)

person holding red round medication pill: Trip planning service

-Discounts (save money)

-Free Shipping on Camping items For Good Sam Members

-Many different membership options to fit your needs

-Decently priced annual membership costs

-Roadside assistance

-Extended service plans

-Good Sam TravelAssist members receive trip planning help

Cons to a good Sam membership

-May be able to find other memberships that offer the same (or more) benefits for less

-Lots of spam in your inbox if you sign up for email notifications

-Annual membership costs can add up over time (especially if you don’t use them)

-10% off sometimes adds up to just three or four dollars

-Weekly (or longer) stays can add up to bigger savings in the long run.

Other membership programs offer bigger savings (look into Thousand Trails or Harvest Hosts)

-There are alternative (and free) fuel-saving programs available

-Buying from Amazon can save you money on shipping and item pricing

Other RV or Camping Club Membership Options


If Good Sam doesn’t seem like the right fit for you, there are plenty of other camping and RV clubs to choose from. Here are a few popular memberships:

Passport America:

This club offers 50% discounts at participating campgrounds. The cost is $44 per year.

Escapees Xscapers Travel Club:

This club offers discounts on camping, food, attractions, and more. The cost is $50 per year.

FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association):

This club offers discounts on campgrounds, insurance, parts, and more. The cost to join is $85 annually.


This club offers discounts on camping, food, and more. The cost is $33 per year for a basic membership.

Harvest Hosts:

This club offers free (mostly dry camping) camping at wineries, farms, and other unique locations.

The cost to join is $99 per year.

Fuel Saving Alternatives

fuel station

There are many fuel-saving alternatives for RVers other than purchasing a Good Sam membership. Here are a few:


This app finds the best gas prices in your area. It is free to use.


This app does the same as GasBuddy and includes diesel and CNG prices. It is free to use.


This app helps you find the quickest and cheapest routes. It is free to use.

For more helpful RV travel apps, check out this article!


The Truth About Good Sam Memberships: Is It Worth the Cost? There are many benefits to having a good sam membership. You can access discounts on hotels, resorts, campgrounds, and more, especially helpful for those who travel often or plan trips in advance. However, if you’re not planning any vacations soon or if you don’t plan on using it, it might be worth considering whether this is an expense that’s necessary at all. We hope that this article has helped in your decision process.

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