Camping Cocktails: The Best Adult Beverages To Enjoy Around The Campfire

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Introduction To The Best Camping Cocktails

Camping Cocktails
Camping Cocktails

If camping is your thing, then you know that one of the best parts about camping is sitting around a campfire with friends and enjoying some drinks. While there are many different beverages to enjoy while camping, not all of them are great camping cocktails! In this post, we will be talking about what makes for good camping cocktails and how to make some recipes for some amazing adult beverages. Check out these 11 Camping Cocktails You Can Enjoy Around The Campfire!

What Makes a Great Camping Cocktail?

clear glass tumbler on brown wooden tray
Best Campfire Cocktail

A camping cocktail is a drink that you would enjoy around the campfire. On camping days, we don’t want to be lugging supplies or have too many ingredients when it comes to cooking and eating food so it’s best to stick with simple and tasty drinks that are sure to please everyone. Here are some tips to follow.

The Best Camping Cocktails:

  • Don’t require too many ingredients
  • Have a Fantastic Taste
  • Use a recipe that is not too difficult to follow
  • Can be enjoyed by many
  • Use a recipe that doesn’t require too many supplies

What Are the Best Cups to Use?

Camping Mugs/ Cups
Camping Mugs/ Cups

When camping, it’s best to use cups that are outdoor-friendly. Some camping cups may be made of styrofoam or plastic and would not hold up well around a fire for too long but these camping cocktails can be enjoyed in many different types of beverage containers!

It is best to think about eco-friendly options while enjoying the outdoors. Here are some camping cup options to hold your adult beverages while sitting around the campfire. These cups will also help keep the temperature of your drinks cold or hot depending on your preference.

Can I Bring Cocktails On a Hike or Backpacking?

If you plan ahead, drinks can be taken on a hike on your pack for backpacking trips. They will need to be pre-mixed and put into a leak-proof container in order to maximize space in your pack. Make sure that the beverages are stored in something that can keep the integrity of the temperature or the drink will turn into a camping cocktail that is too cold or too hot.

Another tip in this area is to make sure that you are not drinking to access and putting your or your partner in a dangerous situation during your adventure. Always remember that hiking or backpacking is serious and keep your mind clear. Drink responsibly. Your safety is of the utmost importance.

How To Store Alcohol When Camping/ RVing?

How To Store Alcohol For Your Camping Trip
Storing Your Alcohol for Your Trip

If you plan on camping or RVing, it is best to store alcohol in a cooler. These containers can help keep your drinks cold and safe. Some coolers come with the ability to place a lock. This is an important addition. This will keep minors from accessing your adult beverages and keep everyone in the nearby vicinity safe.

Pack Lightly

Carrying camping cocktails on your RV or camping trips requires that you pack light. One of the best ways to do this is by limiting what ingredients are used in a camping cocktail. The last thing that you want to do is take up precious packing space for necessary or emergency items. Be sure to pack your alcohol last and other more important items first.

Comfort is also important!! Check out this article about the best camp chairs!!

Don’t Forget to Drink Responsibly!!

Drink Responsibly
Drink Responsibly

Always be aware of the amount of alcohol that you consume. Do not drive a golf cart, motor vehicle, or participate in any reckless behavior during your camping trip after partaking in alcoholic treats. Camping cocktails are fun and can be enjoyed responsibly.

Ready to Drink (RTD) or Prepare Ahead Drinks

Prepare ahead beverages
Use Mason Jars for Ready to Drink Beverages

What is a ready-to-drink beverage you might ask? This is when camping cocktails are pre-mixed and ready to drink. They come in different sizes of bottles so it makes them easier to pack, store, and enjoy around the campfire or anywhere you choose! These camping drinks can be found at any liquor store in your area.

What about preparing ahead? This means that you mix up camping cocktails ahead of time and then store them in some sort of camping container. They can be enjoyed anywhere you go!! Mason jars are great for pre-mixed camping beverages. The lids are even leak-proof.

Any of the recipes below can be pre-mixed and made RTD!!

Best Recipes/ Camping Cocktails!!

Best Camping Cocktail Recipes
Best Camping Cocktail Recipes

Coffee & Irish Cream 

By Cecily Protsack of

For those chilly camping mornings, make yourself a hot cup of coffee with a shot of Irish cream. Irish cream is a liqueur made from a blend of Irish cream and whisky. At only an ABV of 15-20%, it won’t leave a strong aftertaste of alcohol in your mouth. It perfectly complements the coffee, creating a delightfully creamy drink. No milk is required.

First, boil some water in your camping pot over the fire. Next, fill your camping mug with hot water and add a packet of instant coffee, such as Starbucks vias. All you need to do is stir and voilà your coffee is ready to go. Finish it off by adding 1 oz of Irish cream to your coffee. Baileys is the original Irish cream liqueur however, there are cheaper options out there like O’Darby’s.

To mix it up, try adding ½ oz of Kahlua or Frangelico to your drink. Kahlua is a coffee liqueur and Frangelico is a hazelnut liqueur that goes well with Irish cream.

This cocktail is also a great pick me up after a long day of hiking to your camping spot. Cozy up by the campfire and enjoy! 

Cucumber Moscow Mule

By Chelsea Peachtree

This cucumber Moscow mule is an easy-to-make cocktail that can be enjoyed by all. It requires 3 simple ingredients and is the perfect refreshing cocktail after a day of camping. Swipe our regular ginger beer for light ginger beer to make a skinny version. This cocktail can be enjoyed any time of the year but august is the best. You do not need to use a Moscow mule cup, however, it will keep it colder for you!

Hot Toddy

By Victoria Heinz of

The Hot Toddy is probably the best campfire cocktail for a cold winter night with ingredients you will definitely have at home. All you need is your favorite mug, hot water, 2 slices of lemon, one or two shots of whisky (depending on your taste), and two tablespoons of honey.

If you also have cinnamon and cloves at home you will have the perfect replacement for mulled wine. Of course, you can vary the ingredients. Add sugar instead of honey. Use rum instead of whisky. Or use ginger instead of lemon.

If you’re making something for the kids, just skip the alcohol! A hot toddy is always absolutely delicious and the perfect way to warm up on a cold night. This is why it is a great camping cocktail!!

Spiked Hot Chocolate

Spiked Hot Chocolate
Spiked Hot Chocolate

This beverage is the quintessential camping drink. The best part is that it can be made into a decadent adult version!!

– To make this recipe: In a saucepan, combine ½ cup water and ¼ cups of milk or cream for every one cup of cocoa powder you want to use. Turn heat onto medium-high until liquid is just simmering (not boiling) and then turn off. Add in chocolate chips if desired.

– To make a camping cocktail: Add in ½ cup of Kahlua, Brandy or Rum for each hot chocolate drink and stir until dissolved.

– For extra decadence, add some mini marshmallows into the mix!

Vanilla Cider

Vanilla Cider
Vanilla Cider

This camping cocktail is perfect for a chilly night by the campfire. It’s warm, creamy and comforting no matter what your age!

– To make this recipe: Add in ¼ cup of cinnamon to a pot filled with apple cider. Turn heat onto medium until cider has been heated through (or just boiling). Mix together and enjoy.

– For camping cocktails: Add in ¼ cup of rum or Grand Marnier for a grown up beverage that’s perfect to sip around the campfire!

Hot Buttered Rum

This drink is warming and comforting with just enough kick. It will keep you warm on those chilly camping nights out under the stars.

– To make this recipe: Add in ¼ cup of butter and a few tablespoons of brown sugar until dissolved, then add rum to taste!

Top off with a cinnamon stick or apple slice!!

Tom Collins Cocktails

This camping cocktail is a summertime favorite. Be sure to enjoy this drink while camping on those warm days when the sun doesn’t set!

– To make this recipe: Mix together iced tea, lemon juice and sugar syrup in glass over ice. Add in a few ounces of gin or vodka.

Toasted S’mores Cocktail

Toasted S'mores
S’mores Cocktail

This camping cocktail is a camping party favorite. This drink will take you back to your childhood camping days with the best memories and keep you warm on those chilly nights around the campfire!

– To make this recipe: Add in ¼ cup of milk or cream to a blender, add in marshmallows and chocolate pieces. Melt together for about thirty seconds on high or until it is completely smooth. Add in vanilla extract if desired (optional).

– For camping cocktails: Mix together with ice cubes and stir well. Add in ¼ cup of vodka per serving for an adults only camping cocktail!

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Conclusion To Camping Cocktails

Conclusion To Camping Cocktails

The best way to get that campfire feeling is with a cocktail. You can’t go wrong with the classics like bourbon and ginger ale, but we’ve rounded up some of our favorite camping cocktails for you! What’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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