Adventure Challenge Couples Edition: Book and Date Review

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Introduction To Adventure Challenge Couples Edition: Dating in an RV

Adventure Challenge Book
Adventure Challenge Book

Life on the road is not always easy. It can be hard to make time for a date night when you are living in an RV. This is why it’s important for couples who live this lifestyle to have creative ideas that help them stay connected. One book that does just that is Adventure Challenge Book Couples Edition, which offers 50 creative scratch off date ideas of things to do together as a couple. In this article, we will review our first adventure date and corresponding date box. We hope that this gives you ideas for your next date night.

RV Life: Importance of Keeping the Love Alive

My husband and I have been married for twenty one years. The words “I do” are still a powerful thing to us, but they can also be hard when we live in a small travel trailer and move frequently.

There is never any time for date night or just being together without distractions because our days consist of working, taking care of animals, and all of the other activities that go along with the RV lifestyle.

Making a relationship work is difficult in and of itself. Add living together in a small space, and you get a recipe for marital challenges. This is why it is so very important to make each other a priority. One simple way to do this is by creating a weekly date night and have fun adventures with each other.

Date Nights Are Important: Using The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition

Journaling with Adventure Challenge Couples Edition
Journaling with Adventure Challenge Couples Edition

Remember the beginning of your relationship? This was a beautiful time of learning, testing, and falling. You probably spent time in cozy restaurants, taking long walks and wooing each other. You asked deep questions, attempting to soak in all that you could in the time spent together.

Creating a weekly date night is a super way to get back to the feelings that brought the two of you together. It is a fantastic way to invest and strengthen your bond.

Weekly Date Night Ideas: Adventure Challenge Couples Edition

Adventure date 24: journaling
Adventure date 24: journaling

Coming up with weekly date ideas may seem like an insurmountable task. You sit and ask each other “Where do you want to go to dinner?” This question generally receives the typical response “Wherever you want.” Getting creative is much easier than you anticipate.

There are many resources available to assist in making date night creative, unique, and enjoyable. You just need to know where to look.

My husband and I came across The Adventure Challenge Book, Couples Guide.

What is The Adventure Challenge Couples EditionnBook?

Adventure Challenge book and subscription box
Adventure Challenge book and subscription box

The Adventure Date Book is a book of suggestions for unique date nights with your partner. The date categories are broken up by season, and it gives you ideas on what to do during that time of year.

There are 50 scratch off date ideas included in this book. There are also rules at the beginning of the book. The first is that once a date idea is scratched off, you and your partner must complete the date.

It is recommended that you take pictures and video of your experience. The company has a website that you can load your pictures and share with others. Each scratch of date in the book has a place to include a picture of your choosing. This makes the book a memory book as well as a resource. A fantastic bonus!!

The book helps its users by providing picture keys next to the scratch off area. These key pictures let the user know a bit of what to expect. The picture keys include information on cost, necessary supplies, whether the date will be messy, inside or outside and if a change of clothes may be needed.

What Makes the Book Unique?

This book is extremely unique in that it offers a sense of adventure and mystery to the activity you will be participating in. The Adventure Challenge Book full of new ideas to encourage togetherness. It has many different date activities that range in cost, time and effort. The Adventure Challenge Book also has a few date ideas that are meant to be completed with kids!

Dates can be separated by time of year, level of creativity, and how much time will be spent on the activities.

The book is perfect for:

  • Couples who want to have fun.
  • Parents looking for a night out.
  • Spouses who need inspiration for adventurous date night ideas.
  • Those wanting to create meaningful memories with loved ones.
  • Couples looking for inexpensive date ideas.

How Much Does The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition Book Cost?

Adventure Challenge Subscription Box
Adventure Challenge Subscription Box

The book itself, can be purchased for $39.99. Date boxes can be subscribed to as well. These boxes can be purchased monthly at the price of $45. The boxes include all of the supplies that you will need for the corresponding date.

The boxes are marked with a number in the lower corner. The number represents which scratch-off date you should pair it with.

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How does the Adventure Challenge Book work?

It is a book that helps couples explore the outdoors and find their adventure together. This type of activity also allows your relationship to grow in unique and unexpected ways.

Simply look through the chapters, choose the type of date that you want to venture out on, and scratch off the detail box. The company even provides scratching discs for ease of use. They have truly thought of everything.

If you have a date box that goes with a particular sratch-off date (adventure box dates are noted with a picture of a box in the key area), you will need to find the corresponding scratch off box. Open the box after having scratched off the detail area in the book. The box contains all of the wonderful items that are needed to complete the date in its entirety.

It is important to note that you don’t have to purchase or subscribe to the boxes in order to complete any of the dates included inside the book. It is just a helpful and thoughtful addition. If supplies are needed for the date, the subscription allows you to skip the shopping and preparation steps.

Subscriptions can be stopped or started at any time. There is never any pressure to purchase them.

Date Number 24

My husband and I chose date number 24 after having received the corresponding date box. The name of date number 24 is “Penny For Your Thoughts.” The date is listed under the “I’m Crazy About You” section of the book. This section of adventures is meant to bring a couple closer together by delving into minds and emotions.

We opened the date box. The box was filled with two journals, a metal stamping kit, two magazines, two pairs of scissors, two glue sticks and an instruction pamphlet.

The goal of this date was to create a special journal for each other. We used the stamp kit to make an indelible mark on the cover that meant something to a spouse or partner.

After personalizing the journals, our task was to use the magazines to create a meaningful collage of images and words to look at on the first page upon opening. This was a fun and creative task that we both enjoyed.

The instruction booklet contained a special challenge. The goal of the challenge was set to be writing a daily message, using the journals, to our loved one. The challenge had daily prompts to follow. We did this on a Sunday. The writing prompt for the day we made the journals was “explain your partner as a 3 course meal.” What a fun idea!!

After spending time, creativity and effort to create these wonderful and lasting objects to enhance our marriage, we exchanged them for each other to explore. This was, by far, the best part of the entire date. We laughed, we cried (but don’t tell anyone), and we indulged in the bond that we had spent 21 years creating. It was a lovely activity to spend time doing together.

Our Review of The Adventure Couples Edition Date Book:

Adventure Challenge Review

While we have only completed one of the 50 dates included in the Adventure Challenge couple’s edition, it appears that this book and its included activities are unique and creative. My husband and I are very much looking forward to scratching off more adventures.

We highly recommend this book to all couples looking for fun, intimate, and creative ways to spend time together and make memories. The monetary expense is well worth it. This book will be used for a very long time.

Other Creative Date Options For RV’ers

Adventure Challenge Book Supplies
Adventure Challenge Book Supplies

The Adventure Challenge book was just the first of many creative date options available for RV’ers. Check out this article for more ideas.

As Rv’ers we are a very lucky demographic of couples, we have the wonderful privilege of traveling and exploring new places. Try new cuisines and find new outdoor adventures to engage in.

More Ideas Include:

Try a new recipe together

– A great option for this is to order a meal kit from Purple Carrot or Blue Apron. You will cook together, have a romantic meal, and try a new recipe all while learning something new.

Go for a hike and do some GeoCaching

Geocaching is an outdoor scavenger type activity. Using a GPS and your wits, you will seek out hidden objects and messages in scenic locations.

Check out a local Winery or Brewery

– Use this app to locate a wonderful winery or brewery. Try a new adult beverage and learn the history of the area. This app is awesome for locating your next date.

Go Stargazing- This is a fantastic option for RV’ers or campers. While away from all of the city lights, lay under the stars and see how many constellations you can find and name. Need a bit of help? Use this app.

Do a Scavenger Hunt

– Explore your new travel destination with a purpose. Why not make it a fun competition? Create a list of items, places, and more for you and your spouse to locate while roaming around your new local haunt.

For more fun camping activities to share with the family, check out this article.

Conclusion to Review of Adventure Challenge Book

happy couple
happy couple

One of the biggest struggles for couples is figuring out how to spend time together. You may have heard them say, “We don’t do anything anymore.” It’s true that life can get busy and we all need a break from one another every now and then but it doesn’t mean you should never see your spouse in order to keep up with responsibilities.

If you want an rv lifestyle where both spouses are happy, give this book a read! Adventure Challenge. Couples Edition covers everything from creative date ideas to more formal activities such as a night out on the town. Whether you’re looking for help on how to maintain a healthy marriage or just some new ways to enjoy each other’s company, weekly dates nights are a must. This book just helps with ideas of how to spend your time.

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