9 Must Have Beauty Products For Camping: Camper Beauty Routine

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Most people will agree that camping is an awesome activity. Whether you are a tent camper, RV camper, recreational camper, or full-timer, having a self-care and beauty routine is extremely important. What are the must have beauty products for camping? 

This article will discuss the 9 best beauty products for every camping trip and camper to include in their daily self- care routine. 

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Camper Self Care


What is self-care? Self- care means that you are taking care of yourself emotionally, mentally and physically. Why is it important? It is important for you to be able to perform at your optimal potential. 

Camping can take a toll on your body. It can be physically draining. The elements can be damaging to your skin and immune systems. Your sleep can also be compromised. 

It is ultra important to start and maintain a regular self-care routine including quality beauty products that will help you maintain your skin and health. 

Must Have Beauty Products For Camping

Below are some of the best beauty products on the market that will help combat some of the negative effects that camping can wreak on your face, hands/ feet, skin, and hair. 


Thayers Witch Hazel Facial Toner

  • Thayers witch hazel facial toner cleanses the skin with witch hazel and rose water. It tones and moisturizes. The best part is that it contains no alcohol. It smells great and works for keeping your skin clean at the beginning or end of a busy day of camping. 

Mud Mask

  • Majestic Pure Facial Mud Mask is infused with tea tree oil to help with any facial blemishes. It is a wash-off mask with fantastic and safe ingredients. This mask will leave your face feeling fresh, clean and ready to head out into the wild. 

Loccitane Imortelle Divine Face Cream

  • This product is a little on the pricier side of the scale. It is definitely worth it. This cream not only smells fantastic, it also nourishes the skin while reducing the signs of aging. This little jar lasts a very long time. To use gently apply to your face at night after your normal cleansing routine. This will reverse the harsh damage caused by the natural elements while camping. 


Colorstreet Nails

  • Colorstreet nails are awesome!! The strips are made of real nail polish. They stay on for up to two weeks. They don’t chip, which is great for outdoorsy gals. The best part is that you look like you stepped out of the salon without the price or time commitment. There are so many color combinations to try and they are super easy to apply.

Check out KC Hingtgen’s site to get more information at https://www.colorstreet.com/yourstylistkc

Nail Polish Remover

  • This Mineral Fusion Nail Polish is amazing. This polish removes all traces of polish from your nails without damaging them. It will even remove glitter nail polish. It is highly recommended. 

Burt’s Bees Hand Salve

  • Burt’s Bees Hand Salve is amazing at curing rough skin. When you are camping and hiking, your hands tend to dry out. This will cure them for sure!! This stuff is simply wonderful!!


Elemis Body Oil

  • This body oil by Elemis smells of frangipani and manoi. This body oil is the best scented oil I have ever found. Just a few drops heals and moisturizes tired and dull skin.


  • Sun Bum Sunscreen is reef safe and plant based. A good sunscreen will keep your skin safe while you enjoy the outdoors. Don’t forget to take care of one of your most important attributes.

Body Wash Wipes


Dry Shampoo

Sitting by the campfire is a necessity when it comes to camping trips. Don’t ruin your hair and waste valuable time washing your hair everyday to get the smoke smell out. Use a dry shampoo like this one from Batiste. It works great, it saves your hairs natural oils and leaves it smelling great (even after a campfire).


Go out there, plan your next camping adventure. Go hiking in the woods. Play on the beach and make s’mores by the campfire. Just remember that while you are feeding your travel bug and social needs, the elements can be rough on your body. You are no good to anyone else unless you are taking excellent care of yourself.

Enjoy your next camping trip. Don’t leave home without your self-care routine and camper beauty products. Your skin, body, mind, and overall health will thank you for it!

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