Workamping: The Best Guide to RV Workcamping Information and Job Resources

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Introduction to Workamping

Workamping is a term used to describe people who work while they travel. It’s an awesome way to explore the country, make money and live cheaply. This guide will go over what it entails, some of the best resources for finding jobs

for RVers as well as some other helpful tips that will help you find your perfect campsite job.

Campground host or ranger
Campground host or ranger

What is Workamping?

Workamping literally means work while camping. It’s an awesome way to explore the country, make money and live cheaply. Workamping jobs typically provide a campsite or place to stay in exchange for working on said property. Some of the workamping jobs also provide a salary on top of the campsite.

It is a wonderful arrangement for those who want to travel and save money or earn a bit of pocket cash to fund their adventures.

How Much Do Workampers Make?

The amount of money that each workamper makes is dependent on many different factors. It all depends on the arrangement that is made with the hiring company or campground.

The factors that determine the pay range for the workamper can include but are not limited to the number of work hours per week, job description, living arrangements provided by the park, length of the contract, and more. Many rates start at around $9 per hour but could go much higher depending on the contract.

It is important to note that not all workamping positions pay a salary. Some arrangements provide a campsite and certain amenities in exchange for hours worked with no additional pay. It is up to the worker and the camp owner to come to an agreement and set the terms of the contract.

Types of Workamping Jobs

Workcamping: Cleaning bathroom
Workcamping: Cleaning bathroom

There are many different types of workamping jobs available for travelers. The positions available range anywhere from front desk attendant to amusement park ticket taker. Availability of jobs depends on location, skillset, season, and a variety of other factors.

Here is a list of some jobs that are available for interested workampers:

  • Groundskeeper– groundskeeping at a campground can include picking up trash, moving firewood, mowing the grass, or other outdoor maintenance.
  • Front Desk– The front desk attendant job is always open at campgrounds. They greet guests, answer questions about campsites, help with check-in procedures and deal with emergencies such as lost kids.
  • Reservations– Reservations clerks take and manage reservations for the RV park and campground, verify the camper’s identity, collect payment and provide them with a site.
  • Parking Lot Attendant– He or she will monitor RV parking spaces for signs of displaced guests who have left without paying, as well as ensure that all vehicles are parked in designated areas only.
  • Cleaning Restrooms– Oftentimes, campgrounds will have their workampers maintain and clean the bathhouses and restroom areas.
  • Hospitality– Hospitality specialists work as the face and information specialists for the camping area. This individual greets RVers with a warm, welcoming smile and provides information about the park or campground.
  • Sales– Many RV parks and campgrounds have convenience stores. They often have staff that helps support the store by working as a stock person or cashier.
  • Farming– There are many workamping opportunities across the country where sites are provided in exchange for farming work. This type of work can include planting, harvesting, and other tasks.
  • Construction– Construction workampers provide the labor that is needed for projects such as building new facilities, repairing state parks, or working on infrastructure in a community to improve it.
  • Event Staffing: Workamping also offers many great opportunities to help out at events such as concerts, festivals, and sporting events.
  • Amusement Park Attendant– There are several different amusement park facilities in the United States that offer workamping positions. The jobs at the parks vary and some include a salary in addition to free camping. You may find yourself as a ride attendant or selling entry tickets. For more information check out this article!
  • Amazon Packaging– Amazon has a program called Amazon CamperForce. They offer positions in many places in the United States. These are seasonal opportunities that offer both a place to camp as well as a decent paycheck. For more information on CamperForce read this article.
  • State Park Maintenance– If you want to be outdoors, then this is the job for you. You can work as a park ranger or trail guide in various state parks throughout America and Canada.
  • Membership Sales– Many RV parks and campgrounds offer memberships that are for sale. If you have a background in sales or customer service, then this is the perfect job for you! Thousand Trails campgrounds are particularly popular amongst RVers.
  • Camp Host– Being a camp host is a great way to meet people from all over the world. You also enjoy a discounted rate on camping or even an apartment rental in some cases! Camp hosts are responsible for a variety of tasks including checking people in, grounds maintenance, and running a store. The tasks are dependent on the actual contract.

Pros and Cons to Workamping

man holding brown axe towards firewood on selective focus photography
Pros and Cons to Workamping

There are many benefits to workamping. There are also some negatives to consider. Here is a list of pros and cons to consider prior to signing any contracts for workamping positions.

Pros to Workamping Jobs

  1. Free campsites: You often have a free campsite for the duration of your contract. This typically means free sewer and electric hookups as well.
  2. You Live Where You Work: No commuting to a job far from your home. This will save on fuel and time.
  3. It is a Great Learning Experience: Since you are immersed in the RV lifestyle, it is a fantastic way to learn new things about full-time RV living. You will always be “in the know” of the best RV gadgets, places to hike, and where to find assistance if you need it.
  4. Funding: As a Workamper, you will be able to afford the RV lifestyle that you have been looking forward to.
  5. Meeting People: Working at a campground is a great way to get to know your neighbors and create a sense of community. What a great way to get to know lots of travelers and see new friendly faces on a daily basis.

Cons to Workamping Jobs

Cons to Workamping
Cons to Workamping
  1. You Live Where You Work: It is very difficult to feel like you have left work behind for the day when you literally don’t leave your place of work. This can be a nuisance or a daunting fact for workampers.
  2. Lack of Travel: When you sign a contract, you will be required to stay in one location for a period of time. This will be more difficult for those nomads who like the freedom of moving on at their leisure.
  3. Campsite: As a workamper, you may have a campsite that is not in a desired location of the campground.
  4. On-call: You may be expected to be on call quite often. This may be frustrating for some and take the magic out of the RV lifestyle.

How Do You Find Workamping Jobs?

Where to Find Workamping Jobs
Where to Find Workamping Jobs

There are a ton of resources that exist for finding the best workamping job for you.

Below is a list of resources to help you get started in your quest for the perfect workamping job.


Workamper News: This site has an excellent directory of campsites, and jobs that are available.

Live camp work: Here you will find posts from people looking for workampers as well as information about each position, the location, and pay if applicable. This site lists the jobs available based on location.

Workers On Wheels: This is a directory of resorts, campsites, and RV parks that are looking for help. This site has listings for various types of jobs on the cheap side where you may be able to work one or two days per week while still enjoying your RVer lifestyle.

Camp Host Jobs: Find the perfect comp hosting job with this site. Sign up on their email list and stay informed of upcoming job opportunities.

KOA Campgrounds Work Kamper Program: This program requires a sign up fee of $50 per year. This fee grants you admission to a site full of KOA jobs and employment opportunities. They offer benefits and paid employment. Each position offers different pay and benefit options.

Conclusion to Workamping for RVers

If you’re looking for a job that combines the best of both worlds, then workamping may be just what you need. Workampers get to enjoy all the benefits of living in their RV or camper while earning money and enjoying life on the road.

This article has more workamping tips and plenty of information on working remotely. Tell us about your experience with workamping so we can share it with others who are considering making this lifestyle change themselves!

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