The Ultimate Gift Guide For Full Time Rvers

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Introduction to RV Gift Guide

What To Buy Someone Who Lives in an RV: The perfect RV gift

Who doesn’t love a good RV/ Motorhome gift guide? This list has gifts for the journey that will keep you and your family happy on the road.

Whether you are shopping for someone who is currently living full time in an RV, or if you want to get them something to remember their trip by, we’ve got you covered. Give this ultimate RV gift guide a read before heading out on your next big adventure!

Gift Guide For Full Time RVers
Gift Guide For Full Time RVers

 RV-Themed Gifts For RV Owners: Camping Gifts

RV-themed gifts are perfect for a cute addition to any home on wheels. Here are examples of fun-themed gift options that will brighten any camper or traveler.

Scratch off map
Contributed by Asha Bhatia of Home Travel Guide
Bucket List Map: RV Gifts
Bucket List Map: RV Gifts

If you are looking for an awesome gift for someone who loves travelling and being in the outdoors then a great idea is a Bucketlist Scratchmap by Awesome Maps. 

These gifts are ideal for adults and children and will get everyone excited about their next outdoor adventure. 

These beautifully illustrated and colourful maps are a fun way to discover hidden gems, road trip ideas ,and beautiful landscaped scenery. All you have to do is scratch off the silver layer to reveal the hidden picture. 

What makes this gift so unique is that it is hand drawn so the pictures have amazing detail . It also has a lovely silk finish. You can use your whiteboard markers on it to highlight some of your favourite and must see places. You can also mark this map for places that you have already been to. 

Other exciting themes can be found here including surfing, snow, fishing and little explorers. The map size is 97.5CM by 56cm and arrives rolled up in a beautiful tube.

 I would definitely recommend this unique gift to all family and friends who love the outdoors. In fact, you will probably end up getting one for yourself 🙂

RV Travel Mug
Contributed by Cortney of Tincanliving

A travel mug is a wonderful gift option for the outdoor enthusiast and full time rver. Travel mugs make great gifts. They make taking your necessary coffee an easy option for those long rides from location to location. 

Travel mugs come in many different options, styles, colors, and sizes. Some of the most recommended travel mugs include Yeti, RTic, Hydroflask, Swell and Contigo. These all can be purchased straight from the vender or from easy ship stores such as Amazon. 

If you are looking for a great personalized choice in a travel mug, Etsy has numerous options of great looking mugs. Some with special design details. Not only will this type of mug be functional and great for travel, but it will look fantastic.

 Imagine the smile on the recipients face when they receive their very own personalized travel mug. 

Here are some examples and purchasing options for travel mug gifts for your outdoor and RV loving friends. 

white and blue ceramic mug
camping mug

Gift Card Gift for RV Owners and Travel Trailer Owners Make a Great RV Gift

There are many gift cards that can be ultra useful for the RV camping nomad. Here are some great gift card options that are sure to be helpful and bring smiles. RV campers are sure to appreciate this camping gift. 

RV campers tend to be limited on how much living space they have. Gift cards as a gift idea that doesn’t take away precious storage from your traveling family member.

The Cracker Barrel
Contributed by Cortney of Tincanliving

A Cracker Barrel Gift Card will surely bring smiles to the Full Time RVer. It is a fantastic place to stop for a nourishing and yummy meal while traveling from one destination to another. 

This restaurant has extra large parking for recreational vehicles. Some even allow short overnight stays for free. It is commonly recommend that you purchase a meal while visiting. 

This gift card will be advantageous for your RV loving friends and family. You can purchase one online at….. in many different increments starting at $10. Gift cards can even be sent to your camper by email. 

Campground Gift Certificate for Camper Owners
Contributed by Cortney of Tincanliving

Campground gift certificates make a fantastic and thoughtful gift for the full time RVer or motorhome owner. Many campground favorites offer gift cards and gift certificates.

Some of the most popular campground gifts include KOA, Jellystone, State parks, and more. 

Purchase your RV lover a night or two at a wonderful campground resort and know that they will be safe and happy during their travels. Campground gift cards can be used to pay for a stay at the park, purchase merchandise an or food and supplies at the camp store. 

You can’t lose with this gifting option. Purchase in an amount that suits your budgetary needs and know that you have made an RVers day. 

Harvest Hosts membership
Contributed by Cortney of Tincanliving
Harvest Hosts: RV Gifts
Harvest Hosts: RV Gifts

Harvest Hosts memberships make for a great gift for any full time RVer. This membership is from an organization that boasts many different camping locations across the country. If you are looking for that special rv gift, this may be just what you are looking for. 

Your gift recipient will be able to stay at a myriad of beautiful and unique spots that include, but are not limited to, wineries, breweries, golf resorts, museums, farms and more. 

The cost of an annual membership is $99. There are many discounts available for military, Escapees members, and more. 

The membership allows one night stays throughout the country for free (after the cost of membership has been settled). This is fantastic for your camping friends.

Picture a lovely stopover at a wonderful local winery. After setting up camp, your RVer will be able to rest, sample some wine, and get to know the local area. With nearly 2000 locations available, your gift recipient will be set with tons of traveling options for future trips. 

This gift is highly recommended. For more information on Harvest Hosts and RV memberships, check out this article

Annual Pass to National Parks
Contributed by Sunetra Biswas of Globetrotting Su
National Park Pass: RV Gifts
National Park Pass: RV Gifts

Give the gift of exploration and adventure with an America the Beautiful Annual Pass. It provides access to all the National Parks of the USA for a year! 

The home to amazing landscapes, national parks, historic sites, monuments, national forests, USA has more than 2000 federal recreation sites that are protected and have an entrance fee. 

With this Annual Pass, one gets easy access to all the incredible sights and places to explore unlimitedly for a year.

America the Beautiful Annual Pass is the best gift as it can be enjoyed by all in America, whether they are tourists, residents or citizens of the country. 

The annual pass is priced at US$80 and is active from the month of purchase for next 12 months. With most national parks priced at $35 for entrance per vehicle, this is a great gift for people who love outdoors and hikes. It will grant access to the card holder along with three accompanying adults in a single, private vehicle. 

Each pass covers entrance fees, standard amenity fees and day usage fees. 

The national pass allows two signatures so it can be shared, and the two people don’t have to be related. 

One can buy this gift either directly from the national park sites or order from USGS Online Store. This gift will enable them to see new places, venture out in the wild making memories that will last for a lifetime! 

Best Outdoor Gifts for the RV: Camping gear and Outdoor RV gifts

When looking for rv camping gifts and ideas, camping gear is always a great choice when purchasing a gift for the full time RVer or rv owner.  

Usability and functionality rule in this category. Here are some camping gear gift options to make life easier for the recipient.

Looking for motorhome gift ideas and best gifts for the RV? Look no further. 

Foldable Camp Chair
Contributed by Luke of Wild About BC
Folding Camp Chair: RV Gifts
Folding Camp Chair: RV Gifts

A lightweight, packable camping chair is an excellent gift for the outdoor enthusiast in your life. Whether you are going on a short hike, meeting friends at the beach or park, or just want to pack a chair in your RV without taking up too much space, a collapsible chair is the perfect thing to own. 

Sitting around on the grass or on a rock isn’t the worst thing ever but it is so much better to be able to sit in a comfy chair that takes just a few seconds to set up. 

The chair fits together a bit like a tent, as you get a pole system that clips together and a piece of material that attaches to the end of the poles. The quick and easy setup means you will actually be willing to use it regularly and it can come almost anywhere with you. 

Collapsible chairs pack down and fit into a small case that is only 14 inches long and they weigh just 2 pounds. This means it can be stored in an RV and can easily fit in a backpack so you can take it anywhere with you. 

They are surprisingly comfortable and it is so much better to sit in a comfortable chair when you reach your destination.

Foldable Firepit
Contributed by Jenni of TraveLynn Family
Travel Fire Pit: RV GiftsTravel Fire Pit: RV Gifts
Travel Fire Pit: RV GiftsTravel Fire Pit: RV Gift

As a family we travel a lot in our Mazda Bongo; a 4×4 camper where space is limited. The majority of our camping gear is collapsible, but our favourite and most used item has to be our Hantehon Portable Camping Fire Pit.

This lightweight fire pit comes in a small carry bag, that you can easily fit into a rucksack. No tools are required to put it together, you just connect the stainless steel legs together (which are anti-heating) and fold them out to create a frame. 

There is an anti-heating steel mesh is attached to the top, which is what you built your fire on. This mesh is meticulously woven to limit ash and debris from slipping through.

It is also very easy to clean and then pack away back into the bag (just leave your fire to cool down before you safely and responsibly dispose of the ashes). 

You can also buy a tripod to hang a grill pan or pot over the fire for cooking. 

Not only does this save on space, but as the fire is off the ground, you don’t damage the ground. It’s a great gift for any outdoor enthusiast as it can go in a camper or hiking bag, or perhaps just get it out in your garden. 

Reusable Water Bottle w/ Filter
Contributed by Lara Hartog of The Best Travel Gifts
lifestraw: RV Gift
lifestraw: RV Gift

If you are looking for the best gift for outdoor enthusiasts who also care about the environment, a reusable water bottle with a filter is the gift you are looking for!

Finding gifts for campers or RV’ers can be challenging. It needs to be practical, almost unbreakable, and of course, not take up too much space. And that’s exactly, what makes this the perfect gift. 

Because when they’re camping in the middle of nowhere, clean drinking water may not be easily accessible. But your awesome and super practical gift will guarantee that they can still drink water safely! 

Whether they’re driving through Malawi and a dirty lake is the only source of this water, a bottle with a filter will keep them safe wherever they go!

Another great bonus of giving this gift is that not only are you giving something practical. You are also saving the environment a lot of single-use plastic water bottles. It’s a win-win. 

In fact, it’s a win-win-win gift. 

Can you think of a better gift to say “I care about you and your well-being” than a water bottle that will keep them safe and healthy no matter where the road takes them? 

In case you do want more inspiration for gifts that say “I care about you” check out these 25 travel safety gifts!

Camping Stove
Contributed by Lavina Dsouza of Content Hop
Camping Stove: RV Gifts
Camping Stove: RV Gifts

A camping stove is one of the most essential items one can carry with themselves while exploring places, especially when hiking in remote areas. 

When camping, it isn’t possible to have a full-fledged barbeque; however, it is possible to cook a nice meal and ensure you don’t stay hungry!

One of the best factors about a camping stove is that you don’t need to source firewood since many places have now placed bans on lighting fire in areas that are more likely to catch fire in fire season.

Having a camping stove also helps to avoid a smoky ‘food‘ smell that gets caught in clothing. 

There are many types of camping stoves one can pick depending on your needs. There’s the standard propane stove that’s been around for ages because of it being durable and reliable. 

They’re also one of the largest hence help make a meal for quite a few people. One of the best for camping is the propane cartridges are available easily, and one can attach larger tanks if required.

In addition to doing everyday chores like boiling water, one can even attempt a mini barbeque on this if needed!

Some of the features of this stove are also applicable to other stoves like the Canister backpacking stove and the Biolite camp stoves. Depending on the need, it makes for the perfect gist as there’s always something for every outdoor enthusiast!

Best Gifts For the Full Time RVer to Enjoy their surroundings

What is the point of camping and RV travel without some fun outdoor activities? Are you a bird watcher, a water bug, or do you just want to get outside and enjoy the scenery?

These RV gifts make for the perfect addition to any camping trip!!

Contributed by James of Travel Collecting
Binoculars: RV Gift
Binoculars: RV Gift

great pair of binoculars is the perfect gift for anyone who likes to get out in nature and see wildlife, birdlife or natural formations up close.

Some things to consider when buying binoculars for them are the magnification and field of vision. Magnification is typically given as a x-value (e.g. 5x means it is magnified 5 times the size).

 Field of view is how wide the area you can see through the binoculars is. If they’ll be looking for moving objects (like animals or birds), having a wider field of vision makes it easier for the user to find the moving objects.

Consequently, there are different kinds of binoculars and which type you buy depends on what your outdoor enthusiast likes to do most. 

For example, if they want to see nocturnal animals, then they will need night vision binoculars. If they are into bird watching, then they should get some with a wide field of vision so that they have a greater chance of seeing birds hiding in bushes or branches. 

If they mostly want to see wildlife, then long-range binoculars are the way to go. These tend to be heavier and will usually need a tripod in order to prevent shake and have a clear view.

If you have a loved one who loves being outdoors, they will love getting binoculars. Being able to see things in detail will really add to their experience on the trails, safari or even just looking at birds in their backyard.

UPF Anti UV Radiation Clothing
Contributed by Joseph Monroe

A UPF 50+ anti UV radiation clothing for the sun is a must-have for every outdoor enthusiast. If you have fair skin and were recommended by a dermatologist to protect yourself from the sun, as many have, you will benefit from UPF 50+ clothing when going outdoors. “UPF” stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor. This differs from the SPF label that is present in sunscreens in that it was designed specifically for sun-blocking fabrics.

Some people are not aware that UV rays can not only cause sunburn. They can also cause DNA damage, wrinkles and early skin aging as well. Even after wearing the appropriate amounts of sunscreen to protect yourselft from the harmful rays of the sun, it is recommended to also rely on protective clothing. This helps to minimize your chances of receiving the nocuous radiation.

It can easily be asked, would just regular clothes not work the same in protecting your skin from the sun? The answer is it depends. According to cancer organizations, not all fabrics and colors provide the same protection. A white cotton t-shirt is estimated to have a UPF of only 5, which illustrates that different colors and fabrics offer different levels of sun protection.

In this regard, we are looking at physics and several variables. states that color, density, composition, fit and physical activity can influence how well the clothes that you’re wearing protect you.

Even if you are, by happenstance, blithely receiving strong protection from your current clothing and it gets wet, this will alter its density and allow more light in. This allows the sun to harm your skin, as soon as it gets wet. It seems as if we’re playing with physics here, and due to all these variables, it can feel like trying to hit a moving target.

Therefore, it’s just best to circumvent the worry that your clothes might not be offering the best protection, when factoring in a myriad of elements and get UPF 50+ anti-radiation clothing that’s designed to block the sun completely, even if they get wet. You can choose the colors and the style of your UPF clothes, so you need not look any less fashionable.

Aside from the physics or chemistry factors of your fabric, geography can also affect how strongly you are attacked by the invisible enemy that is sun radiation. If you are a traveler to various countries near the equator, you will receive harsher levels of UV radiation by nature. This includes some Asian, African or Latin American countries. You will benefit from maximizing your protection.  

Protecting your skin is something you’ll thank yourself for later. It’s somewhat scary that even if you think that the particular clothes you’re wearing are protecting you. All of the aforementioned components of the fabric might still be letting the UV radiation through. Hats and other UPF 50+ apparel are absolutely amazing to wear in addition to sunscreen. This helps you to be a traveler or outdoor enthusiast who is protected from cancer. You will have a healthier skin, wherever you go.

Travel Hammock
Contribution by Anukrati Dosi of Bulbul On The Wing
Travel Hammock: RV Gifts
Travel Hammock: RV Gifts

When it comes to buying gifts for your significant other or really for anyone you love, experience gifts are the best gifts to give. They are also great to receive.

Whether it’s a weekend trip to an Airbnb, a cooking class, a sunset boat ride, or a surprise party with all your friends – experiences are the things that we remember long after most gifts are used up or put away.

But, what if you could give a gift that goes even further? The gift of not just a single experience, but endless experiences down the road?

A hammock is that gift that keeps on giving. It opens doors for a lifetime of amazing experiences to spend together.

For outdoor enthusiasts, a travel hammock would make a great gift for a traveler. Always lookout for great quality hammocks that can take a lot of weight. 

I would gift a double hammock to my parents, as they love the idea of camping and glamping.

Hammocks should be small enough to pack anywhere. They should be spacious enough to hold two full-grown adults, and designed with the best technology.

The beginner hammocks come under $29.95, it won’t break the bank. This item could be added to a pair of tree slings and they’ll be on their way to lots of adventures.

For those that are obsessed with hammocking, some also come with a fully enclosed hammock with a mosquito-proof net.

Inflatable Kayak
Contributed by Nicole 
Inflatable Kayak: RV Gifts
Inflatable Kayak: RV Gifts

Inflatable Kayaks are wonderful gifts for outdoor enthusiasts. Kayaks that are inflatable are similar to regular kayaks but pack up much smaller and can be inflated in minutes when ready to use. 

Kayaks are very portable and do not require a special rack to transport. Having an inflatable kayak brings a free activity with you anywhere. 

They can be used in many streams, rivers, and lakes but work best in calm water. They can be used at home or when traveling.

Inflatable kayaks can be used in places such as the marshes of Cape Cod, the lakes of Acadia National Park, or the Adirondacks. 

Viewing a destination from the water is often a different perspective than from land. It can also provide opportunities for better wildlife viewing.

Inflatable Kayaks are a great family or couples’ gift as it provides the opportunity for quality time together. There are single and double inflatable kayaks available. 

Double inflatable kayaks are great for families with younger kids. It’s great for those who love to be on the water. Inflatable Kayaks can also be very affordable compared to a regular kayak.

 Oars (if not included), US Coast Guard-approved Life jackets, whistles, and a compass are additional items that could be included with an inflatable kayak gift.

Contributed by Erki from Genem

The Canon M50 mirrorless camera is a perfect fit for outdoor enthusiasts due to its small size. Regardless of its small size, it’s still one powerful camera with many beneficial features.

The key features of the Canon M50 are dual-pixel autofocus, DIGIC 8 image processor, and it also has 4K video resolution.

It would be a great gift idea for the ones who are beginners at photo- and videography. The benefit of Canon M50 is built-in camera instructions, which help to learn camera features and settings faster. Another great feature is the autofocus system with three modes: face tracking, one-point, and zone autofocus. 

For better video and vlogging there are also a few key features, starting with 4K video resolution. Canon M50 also has a vari-angle touchscreen, which is the most essential thing when being keen on vlogging. 

The standard lens for Canon M50 is EF 15 – 45mm f/3.5 6.3, which also has image stabilization to get sharp photos. It’s a zoom wide-angle lens for a variety of types of photography from portrait to landscape.

Overall, the lightweight Canon M50 is the perfect gift idea for beginner photo- and videography enthusiasts. Due to its small size, it doesn’t take much room in your bag, when going outdoors.

Reading Resources and Materials: Best Gifts for RV

Is your RVer interested in learning about travel? Are you looking to purchase a travel gift with a touch of inspiration?

Here are some ideas that will inspire the mind, feed the outdoors enthusiast’s spirit with appreciation for their chosen life or destination.

Book: The Monkey Wrench Gang
Contribution by Megan Johnson of Red Around the World

The Monkey Wrench Gang by Edward Abbey is a classic book for outdoor enthusiasts, especially in the Southwest. It’s great for outdoorsy people that are very passionate about conservation, protecting the environment, and natural history. 

If the outdoorsy person in your life has ever been to the southwest or plans to visit it in the near future, look no further.

George Washington Hayduke III is a Vietnam veteran that has returned to the desert only to find it is being threatened by industrial development. 

On a rafting trip down the Colorado River, he sets out to wage war on dam builders, miners, and road builders with the help of Bonnie, a feminist saboteur, Seldom Seen Smith, an outdoor guide, and Doc Sarvis, a billboard torcher.

Together, they wreak havoc, put fear into their enemies, and pack more adventure into a few weeks than most people do in their lifetime. While we’re reading it from a fictional voice, we’re really reading Abbey’s thoughts and voice concerning environmental preservation. 

50 States 5000 Ideas (Book)
Contributed by Cortney of Tincanliving

50 States 5000 Ideas is a book by National Geographic, an authority on travel. This book is great for the traveling RVer. It has fantastic pictures from some of the best photographers in the world.

50 States is a practical gift in that it will inspire the wanderlust in your traveling friends and loved ones. It contains information on the most travelled destinations in the United States.

It also will illuminate fantastic, small and often overlooked, areas to spend your vacations.

Besides being practical, this book is beautiful and creative. These factors combined, will make you, as the gift giver, a favorite amongst nomadic recipients.

National Geographic is a well known authority in producing quality resources. This book is very highly rated and can be purchased on Amazon for a very reasonable price of just $13.

This gift is highly recommended, will be positively received, and won’t put a huge dent in your budget. This gift is a winning option for all. Click the link below to check it out!!

Apparel and Sundries

Does your RV loving family member or friend seem to have everything? What do you gift the RVer that has the whole lot of items?

These gift ideas are wonderful additions to the RV gift list.

Hut Boots
Contributed by Cecily of Groovy Mashed Potatoes

Your fellow outdoor enthusiast will thank you once they slip their feet into their new comfy hut boots at the end of an adventurous day. These type of boots relieve your tired feet and feel like you’re walking on pillows. 

Hut Boots are also extremely lightweight and packable, making them great for hiking or camping trips. They will be the envy of other adventurers. 

Rab Hut Boots are excellent quality. Their breakthrough Cirrus™ synthetic insulation has a down-like structure and provides the technical benefits and water resistance you need. 

The outside fabric is made from a tightly woven structure called Pertex® Quantum, which provides excellent insulation and weather protection.

If you have a friend going on a multi-day hike this is the perfect present to give them. After a day of hiking through the mountain they will be ecstatic to put their sore feet into the plush boots.

 They are especially useful for treks through Nepal where you stay in unheated alpine huts. They will want all the warmth and coziness they can get! 

If your friend is an avid camper these hut boots are also a great choice for a gift. They are so easy to slip on, making it a breeze coming out of your tent to take a quick bathroom break. 

Solid Toiletries
Contributed by Coni of Experiencing The Globe
Solid Shampoo: RV Gifts
Solid Shampoo: RV Gifts

Every outdoor enthusiast cares about sustainable travel, but not everyone is aware of how day-to-day items affect the environment. Shampoos, soaps, deodorant, and other toiletries are made with chemicals that pollute the earth and water of the places we visit. The plastic packaging adds to an already big issue about recyclability.

Moreover, the ones looking for outdoor adventures in faraway lands also must deal with bringing heavy liquid bottles in planes, which can’t be transported in a carry-on bag. Solid toiletries come to fix all these problems, making them the perfect gift.

There’s a whole array of bar goods –shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, hydrating lotion, even toothpaste! As they’re not liquid, there’s no problem with the 100 ml limit in planes.

There will be no eventual spills. They won’t produce more plastic trash. Most importantly for outdoor lovers, they are light and easy to carry.

They also tend to be much more careful with the environment regarding their components.Most of the brands available offer biodegradable products. This means that the toiletries won’t damage the place you’re visiting.

They are a bit more expensive than their liquid counterparts, but they last much longer, so they’re a longer-term investment, so a great gift to receive! 

 Conclusion To RV Gift Giving

We hope this RV gift guide has helped you find the perfect gifts for your loved ones that are camper owners, rvers, and RV owners. 

If you have any other questions, please leave a comment below and we’ll be happy to answer them! Feel free to share with us some of your favorite RV and camping accessories in the comments section as well. What are yours?

Check out the best accessories for RV Owners. 

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