The Best Hiking Snacks for a Perfect Day Outdoors

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If you’re looking for the best hiking snacks, you’ve come to the right place. Hiking can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to make sure you have the right snacks with you to keep your energy up. In this blog post, we will discuss some of our favorite hiking snacks and why we love them. We’ll also provide a few tips on how to pack your food for a day hike. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hiker, be sure to check out our list of the best hiking snacks!

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Things To Consider Before You Choose What Food To Bring

It is important to pack the correct foods for your hike so that you have the right fuel for your body and the right amount of energy. If you are hiking in cold weather, you will want to pack foods that will give you sustained energy and keep you warm. In hot weather, you’ll want foods that won’t weigh you down and will help keep you hydrated. Here are a few things to consider before packing your food for a hike:

The climate you’ll be hiking in:

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  • As we mentioned, the climate will dictate what kinds of food you’ll want to bring.

The length of your hike:

  • If you’re only going on a short hike, you won’t need as much food as you would for a long hike.

Your activity level:

  • If you’re planning on doing a lot of hiking, climbing, and running, you’ll need more food to keep high energy levels than if you’re planning on taking a leisurely stroll.

Your personal preferences (do you have any dietary restrictions?):

  • You’ll want to make sure you pack food that you’re actually going to eat and that won’t make you sick.

What Type of Hike Will You Be Going On?:

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  • What will the terrain be like? Will you be able to stop and cook a meal, or will you need to pack all of your food with you? If it is a strenuous hike, you will want foods that have a high calorie to weight ratio. If the hike is more leisurely, you can afford to pack heavier foods.

How To Choose The Best Nutritional and Healthy Snacks To Fuel Your Hike Properly

Nutritional quality is the most important factor to consider when choosing snacks for hiking. The best snacks for hiking are high in calories, low in weight, and easy to eat on the go. They should also be packed with nutrients that will help your body recover from strenuous activity. You will want to look at these things when choosing your favorite hiking snacks and foods:


  • Carbs (especially complex carbohydrates) are not a dirty word. This is especially true for active people. Carbs are essential for providing energy to your muscles. The best hiking snacks are high in complex carbs like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.


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  • Protein is important for repairing and rebuilding muscle tissue. It is also a source of sustained energy. The best hiking snacks contain a mix of protein and carbs to help you refuel after a long day on the trail.

Healthy Fats:

  • Fat is an important source of energy for your body, and it helps to slow down the absorption of carbs so that you have sustained energy. The best hiking snacks for hiking contain healthy fats like nuts, seeds, and nut butter.


  • Fiber helps to keep you feeling full and can help regulate blood sugar levels. The best hiking snacks for hiking contain fiber-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.


  • You will want to avoid sugary snacks as they can cause a quick spike in blood sugar followed by a crash. However, if you are hiking in hot weather, you may want to include a few sugary snacks like candy or fruit to help keep your energy up.


  • Sodium is important for regulating blood pressure and fluid levels. The best hiking snacks contain sodium-rich foods like pretzels, nuts, and seeds.

The Best Hiking Snacks To Take

Here is a list of the best hiking snacks to take with you on your next hike:

– Whole grain bread or crackers:

Whole grain bread or crackers are a great source of complex carbs and fiber. Look for snacks with organic ingredients and fewer added sugars for the best options.

– Nut butter:

Nut butter is a great source of healthy fats, protein, and carbs. You can find nut butter packets at most stores.

– Nuts and seeds:

Nuts and seeds (like pumpkin seeds) are a great source of healthy fats, protein, fiber, and carbs.

– Jerky:

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Jerky is a great source of protein and easy to eat on the go. You can even find Vegan jerky at some outlets.

– Protein bars:

Protein bars (like Clif bars) are a great source of protein and carbs. They’re also easy to eat on the go.

Protein Bar Recipe

– Fresh Fruit:

Fruit is a great source of carbs, fiber, and vitamins.

– Vegetables:

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Vegetables are a great source of carbs, fiber, and vitamins. Just cut them up into bite-size pieces so they’re easy to eat on the go.

– Dried fruit:

Dried fruit such as banana chips is a great source of carbs, fiber, and vitamins.

– Chocolate:

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Chocolate (especially dark chocolate) is a great source of carbs and healthy fats for quick energy.

-Fruit Leather:

Fruit leather is a great source of carbs and vitamins. It’s also easy to pack and eat while hiking.

Fruit Leather Recipe

– varieties of granola:

Granola is a great source of carbs, healthy fats, and protein.

Recipe for Granola

-Trail Mix:

Trail mix is fantastic for those hikers who need a bit of salty and sweetness. It has the carbs and protein to keep you going on those long hikes. There are many varieties available to please anyone. The best part is that you can make your own trail mix and save a bit of money.

Trail Mix Recipe

-A Sandwich or wrap:

A sandwich or wrap can be a great source of carbs, protein, and healthy fats. They are easy to make and can be tailored to your own preferences.

How To Pack Your Snacks

When packing your snacks for a hike, it is important to pack them in a way that will be easy for you to access. Here are some tips:

-Pack them in small containers or bags:

This will make it easier for you to grab a snack on the go. There are many bags and containers that are reusable. These enable you to save money and avoid using single-use plastic that is harmful to the environment.

-Pack them in a variety of sizes:

This will help you to have a variety of snacks to choose from throughout the day.

-Pack them in an easily accessible spot:

Make sure that your snacks are easy to reach so you can grab them when you need them.

-Label them:

This will help you to quickly identify which snacks are which.

-Pack them in a cooler:

If you’re hiking in hot weather, pack your snacks in a cooler so they will stay fresh. There are many backpacks that have built-in cooler systems that are easy to carry for your day of hiking.

What About The Waste?

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You most likely have heard the term leave no trace. This is important when hiking and camping. When you’re finished with your hike, it is important to clean up any waste that you may have created. This includes your food waste. Make sure you pack out all of your trash, including your food waste. There are many ways to do this, but the most important thing is to be conscientious about it.

Did You Remember To Bring Water?

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Water is the most important thing to bring on a hike. Make sure you pack enough water for yourself and your snacks. You can also find water sources along the way if you need to refill. If you are hiking in a hot climate, it is especially important to make sure you are well hydrated.

How Much Water Do You Need To Bring?

It is important to bring enough water with you on your hike, but you don’t need to bring a lot. A good rule of thumb is to bring one liter of water for every two hours of hiking. This will be enough to keep you hydrated and fueled up. You can always refill along the way if needed.

Items To Purchase For Your Hike

  • Reusable Bags
  • Food Storage Containers
  • Water Bottle
  • Backpack With Cooler
  • Good Hiking Boots
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses


So, what are the best hiking snacks? Any of the snacks on our list will do the trick. But if you’re looking for a specific favorite, we recommend trail mix, jerky, or fruit and nut bars. Whichever option you choose, make sure to pack enough food for your journey so that you can stay energized and enjoy every minute of your hike!

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