Solutions For Washing Clothes On The Road: RV Laundry

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Introduction To RV Laundry

Ever wonder how to wash clothes in an RV? Or how to do laundry while traveling? Dirty clothes are part of life! This may not be the first thing that you think about when you dream of the RV lifestyle or traveling full time. It is however, an important consideration and something that needs to be addressed. What do full-timers do about laundry on a daily basis? 

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Many options exist for washing clothes on the road and while living in an RV. This article will present, in detail, many laundry alternatives for all of your washing needs. It also contains a video of how to use a hand-cranked portable washing machine for those of you who are interested in learning how to use one. Enjoy!!

Ways To Get Your Clothes Clean: RV Laundry

  1. Laundromat
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If you are staying close enough to a small town, one option is to seek out a laundromat to get your clothes washed and dried. 

Pros: The cost is minimal. The machines are usually high efficiency, which means that they usually get the job done quickly. 

Cons: You have to seek out a business and give up part of your day to go and do laundry. 

2. Use of an RV Washer and Dryer in Unit

Many larger RV’s have the advantage of having a washer and dryer hoot up installed when purchased or the option to have one installed. This makes it easy to do your laundry right from the comfort of your own tiny home. 

Pros: You get to do laundry from home. 

Cons: Many RV’s don’t have them. They will use up a lot of energy when boondocking. They do very small loads. 

3. Campground Facilities

Many campground facilities offer laundry facilities. This is great if the amenity is offered. 

Pros: You don’t have to venture far from where you are camped to wash your clothing. The cost is usually small. Sometimes they are free of charge. 

Cons: There is a cost to use the facility in most cases. Many times you have to wait for your turn which means that you are giving up part of your valuable time. Theft could be a concern if you leave your valuables unattended. 

4. Hand Wash Your RV Laundry

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Many RV’ers and campers choose to hand wash their clothing or some pieces of their clothing. 

Pros: You have control of your time. There are no business hours for your bucket. You can control how clean your clothing gets. It is free. 

Cons: You may not always have access to clean water or a lot of water, depending on where you are camped. This is especially true for boondockers. It is manually more difficult. 

5. Truck Stops

Truck stops often times have laundry facilities available for truckers and can be used by RV’ers. Be sure that when you park at a truck stop that you are parked in an RV designated spot. Do not park in a Trucker’s spot. You will not get a kind reception. 

Pros: Truck stop facilities are usually very clean. Hey, it is an option to clean your clothes if you need one. 

Cons: You may have to travel to find one. It will cost around the same amount as a laundromat. 

6. Wash and Fold

Wash and Fold services are available in some towns and cities. Just drop your dirty clothes off in a bag and pick them up clean and folded at a later, specified time. 

Pros: It is super easy and convenient. You can enjoy your day engaging in other activities. 

Cons: This is more costly than the other options on the list. 

7. Sudshare

Sudshare is an app that you can download. It may not be available in all areas. Sudshare is a service where someone comes and picks up your laundry, takes it, washes it, and returns it to you (at your RV), washed and folded. It costs about $1 per pound.

Pros: It doesn’t take away any of your time and your laundry is completely taken care of. 

Cons: It may not be available in every area. This costs more than some of the other options on the list. 

8. Scrubba Bag

Scrubba bag is a bag that folds up super small. It has a type of washboard on the inside. This makes hand washing easier. Scrubba is also reusable, which is a major plus. This is a great option for RV’ers with less storage capabilities that want something in-between the bucket hand washing system and going to the laundromat. 

Pros: It is eco-friendly. It doesn’t take up space and it is affordable at $55. 

Cons: It requires some manual labor. 

9. Portable Washers

Portable washers are a great option for those RV’ers who don’t have a full washer and dryer in their units but, want the option of washing clothing in their own homes. My husband and I have been using the WonderWash Mini Washing Machine for just about 8 months now and absolutely love it. 

Pros: Very easy to use. Super affordable. Clothes get clean.

Cons: You can’t do large loads. You will still need to find a place to store it. 


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Options For Drying Clothing

  1. Outside Line Drying

Drying your clothing outside on a line is great if the weather is suitable. Many RV’s come equipped with a shower line as well. 

2. Spinner

These portable spinners get most of the water out of the clothes and don’t take up much space. Just hang the clothes for a bit after and they are done in a bit. 

Conclusion To RV And Camping Laundry


Nobody wants to spend their time in a new place worrying about laundry or finding the next place to wash clothing. It is more important in the lifestyle to make the next memory. To watch the sunset and hike the next trail. I hope that this list will help to ease some of the concern that those darn hampers are causing. They are going to fill up. There are easy ways to empty them and move on. Wash the clothes and get out there and enjoy this great RV life. 

Share with me your great laundry tips!! 

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  1. With regards laundry, I think it’s a good plan to have only colored clothes, bed linen and towels. Then:
    1. You don’t need to sort into colored and whites, because you don’t have light colors which will turn pink!
    2. You can do all your weekly wash in one load, especially if you are a solo traveler like me, and you have limited the number of items you take along.
    Saves time and money.

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