RV Rental Experiences: True Accounts and What You Need To Know

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Introduction To RV Rental Experiences

RV rentals are becoming increasingly popular with travelers who want to experience the open road. However, many people don’t know what they need to know about RV rental experiences before they rent one. In this blog post, we will discuss what you need to know when renting an RV and share some of our favorite stories from customers who have rented RVs in the past!

RV Rental Experiences
RV Rental Experiences

Why Should You Rent an RV (Recreational Vehicle)?

RV rental experiences can be a great way to travel! Renting an RV affords you the opportunity to explore more of America than what is possible by car. You also get loads of storage space for your belongings. Many RVs have plenty of kitchen amenities that are perfect if you want to save money on food while traveling. 

You can travel with your entire family, including your pets.  You don’t need to worry about booking hotels and paying for expensive lodging when you’re out on the road. 

Another great reason to rent an RV is to experience the lifestyle prior to purchasing one. Recreational Vehicles can put a big dent in your bank account. They can be worthy of that dent if you know what you are looking for and are ready for the  commitment.

  One of the best ways to learn about what you need is to rent one for a short period and then decide if it’s right for your lifestyle. This will allow you to avoid costly mistakes when buying an RV in order make sure that this type of vehicle suits your needs before investing time, money and other resources into owning one!

What Do You Need To Know About RV Rental Experiences?

Planning ahead is key! Make sure that your travel dates will work with the availability of an RV at the rental company’s location before making a reservation. 

Choose the right type of Recreational vehicle.  

The type of RV you rent is determined by the length or duration of your rental, the space needed for your belongings, and how many people are traveling with you.

 The more days, weeks, months that you would like to use the vehicle determines which size and style is available for your needs! You will want to make sure that there are no caps on mileage so that you can explore all areas with ease in order to create memories that will last a lifetime!

Types of RV Rentals

Types of RV's from Escapees.com
Types of RV’s from Escapees.com


Motorhome (or Class A)- this is perfect for those who need more space and want to travel in style. It’s great for long-distance trips, but it won’t be able to make tight turns or maneuver well on narrow roads. This vehicle has a large interior that can sleep up to six people. 

Toy Hauler

Toy Hauler– is perfect for those who want to take their toys with them on the road. This RV has a hitch that can tow a vehicle behind it and is great if you need room for extra storage or camping gear. Make sure that you have a vehicle that is rated for towing this type of RV. 

Fifth Wheel

Fifth Wheel– is perfect for those who want to have all of the comforts at home while they’re on the road. This RV is mounted onto a truck and trailer, providing an entire living space that you can take with you! 

Travel Trailer

Travel Trailer– This type of RV has everything needed inside of it to make life comfortable when out camping or exploring in style.

This style of RV comes in various lengths. They are typically lightweight, making them a good option for those who want to take their RV on the road.

Pop-Up Camper

Pop-up Camper – these are the most popular because they offer all of the amenities of home, but without any hassle of a large tow behind or quite as much set up when you arrive to your campsite. 

A pop-up camper is a convenient option for those who want to go camping in style and comfort. They are easy to tow behind your car or RV, which makes them popular for people with smaller vehicles that can’t handle the weight of larger RVs. The only con is that there is not a ton of storage and they are limited in the amount of people they can sleep. 

What to Bring With You

There are so many things you may need or want for your trip. Don’t forget the essentials like luggage, clothing, pillows and blankets, toiletries, food and water (bring more than enough!), first aid kit and emergency supplies as well as any pet belongings or supplies that you may need. 

Flashlights and other safety gear is very important when camping. 

Where to Rent an RV From


Outdoorsy:  Find rental options in all 50 states on the Outdoorsy website. They have campers, RVs and trailers to choose from for your next adventure! Cost: Prices vary depending on what type of RV you need or want. 

Reservations: Most places will hold an RV until you show up if it is within 24 hours. Outdoorsy is highly rated and reputable. They offer free roadside assistance. 

Cruise America

Cruise America:   Find RV rental options in all 50 states on Cruise America’s website. Cost: Prices vary depending on what type of RV you need or want and the duration of your stay. 

Reservations: You can book online, but if you’re going to be there for more than 24 hours they will hold it until your arrival. Cruise America partners with locations. Talk to a specialist about a vacation package. 

RV Share

RVShare.com:    Find RV rentals in all 50 states on this website. Cost: Prices vary depending on what type of RV you need or want and the duration of your stay. 

Reservations: You can book online, but if you’re going to be there for more than 24 hours they will hold it until your arrival. RV Share has pet friendly vehicles and they will deliver an RV for a fee. 

RV Rental Stories: True Accounts From RV Renters

Cruise America Rental | By Carol Guttery from California Crossings

RV Rental Cruise America
RV Rental Cruise America

Several years ago, my husband and I were trying to decide if we were up for the RV life. So, we rented an RV and took off on an epic California Highway 395 road trip

We chose to rent from Cruise America. They are a popular rental service, with RVs all over America and Canada. 

We rented the “compact” RV, which holds three people and is surprisingly roomy, considering that it’s only 20’ long. This shorter length was an advantage for us because we wanted to be able to fit into smaller camping spots and to be able to take the occasional, well-graded dirt road.

The RV costs $125 per night for a one-week rental. But you also need to factor the cost of camping in public or private campgrounds. We paid $25-75/ni for a range of rustic camp spots to fully featured, fancy RV parks. 

So, renting an RV in the western US isn’t cheap. On our road trip, we certainly could have stayed in motels for far less. But with an RV, you spend far less on eating out and you’ve always got your bathroom with you. 

What we liked about the RV: Small enough that it wasn’t scary to drive and a roomy dining area. 

What we didn’t like: The rentals rattle like a bucket of bolts and the over-cab bed was claustrophobic. 

Camping In Australia by Victoria

RV Rental Austrailia
RV Rental Austrailia

Camping in Australia is an absolute must-do if you enjoy the great outdoors. This is the absolute best way to explore the coastline. While you can rent actual RVs, it’s actually far more common to rent a campervan which is much easier to navigate. 

There are different sizes to choose from and some of the most popular companies include Hippie Camper, Apollo, Britz or Maui. We used Hippie Camper and had a great experience with them. 

It’s definitely highly recommended to get insurance when you rent with them. You never know what’s going to happen on the road so you should always be on the safe side.

We’ve explored the East Coast of Australia by campervan. Some of the best spots are definitely located between Brisbane and Cairns where you’ll get to see beautiful beaches and scenery. 

Agnes Water and Airlie Beach are definitely our favourites! Campsites are easy to find in Australia. They will usually cost between 20 and 40 Australian Dollars per night although there are also free ones available. 

Most campsites were really clean and easy to access. Spots by the beach can definitely be more expensive and booking ahead of time is advisable so keep that in mind before you go.

Experience Renting an RV by Paula Martinelli

RV Rental Cruise America
RV Rental Cruise America

I finally had the chance to rent my first RV for a road trip in the USA and I had a great first-time experience which I recommend and will certainly do it again.  

After some research, I have decided to rent from Cruise America. All their vehicles are newer and after review the rental policy it was a perfect fit for my needs. They don’t have minimum miles per day, and also, I was traveling with my 2 dogs. My adventure lasted 2-weeks total, starting in Florida and I drove all the way to Arizona, visiting 15 National and State Parks along the way. 

Finding RV campground was very easy, as there were many choices along my route. I stayed at and highly recommend to book at KOA because their facilities are very well maintained, and you get what you pay for, of an average of $40 per night.  

One thing that I learned and recommend for anyone renting an RV for the first time, is to pay very close attention to the policy and prices associated.

There are many “hidden costs” when you rent an RV, such as: cost per mileage, insurance, taxes, generator and propane. There are more fees if you need to rent any kitchen utensils and bedding. You will also be charged a cleaning fee. 

The main takeaways from renting an RV for a road trip for the first time are: finding the right size for you, plan your budget accordingly, have the desired itinerary for your road trip, make sure you do the RV rental orientation, and that you are comfortable driving and operating your vehicle.

Renting a Motorhome in Queensland Australia by Peta and Jonas from exit45travels.com

RV Rental Queensland
RV Rental Queensland

Motor homing in Queensland, Australia should be on every bucket list for Australian travel! 

There are numerous alternatives for motorhome rental companies in Queensland but we started our initial research of costings through Motorhome Republic. Our research resulted in renting a Jayco 2 Berth Voyager from Let’s Go Motorhomes for AUD$51 / USD$40 per day (N.B. We got a great deal due to booking a monthly rental and a special at the time due to State lockdowns due to covid). 

After picking up our rental in Brisbane, we travelled along the east coast (Pacific Coast Way) heading north to Cairns. We walked along beautiful white-sand beaches on the Sunshine Coast and Noosa, before heading to Bundaberg, infamously known for producing Bundaberg Rum. 

We followed the rugged coastline to the Town of 1770 where Lieutenant James Cook, the first European to reach the east coast of Australia, landed his ship in 1770. Next was Cape Hillsborough National Park where we saw kangaroos on the beach as the sun rose, before landing in Airlie Beach, gateway to the spectacular Whitsunday Islands.

As we went further north, we were amazed by the number of waterfalls set amongst lush green tropical rainforests. Millaa Millaa waterfall circuit showcased the best waterfalls Atherton Tablelands has to offer, and the prettiest town in this region, Yungaburra, was the perfect place to spot an elusive platypus.

Before arriving in Cairns, the towns of Mareeba and Kuranda are worth spending some time in before heading back down the mountain to the coastal city of Cairns. Experience the best of the Great Barrier Reef by taking day trips to enjoy snorkelling, diving, fishing, or sailing.

There are a plethora of campground options available to you throughout Queensland ranging from free camps beside beautiful rolling streams, to paid sites with water and power in caravan parks offering all the modern amenities of a 5 star resort.

A must for anyone considering motor homing in Australia is to download the WikiCamps Australia app for a cost of AUD$7.99 / USD$6.20. WikiCamps is Australia’s largest database of campgrounds, caravan parks, backpacker hostels, points of interest, dump stations, visitor information centres, water taps, toilets, showers, and more.

We loved our one month road trip in Queensland (5 stars) and we know you will too!


 If you’re considering renting an RV, there are a few things to consider before making your booking. From the cost of gas and insurance to how big it is inside or if pets are allowed, these considerations can make all the difference in your experience while on vacation! We want to hear about what has been most important for you when renting an RV. Have you rented one? What was your experience like? Share with us by leaving comments below.

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