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Introduction to Harvest Hosts Review

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Port City Brewing Company is a small craft brewery located in Alexandria, VA. This brewery is known for their quality beers that have won multiple awards including the Great American Beer Festival Gold Medal and World Beer Cup Bronze Medal. Port City also offers up to 16 different types of beer on tap from lighter brews like Oatmeal Stout to more robust flavors such as Imperial IPA. 

In this Harvest Host review we will highlight some of the great things about this establishment and what it was like to visit and stay with our RV. 

What Makes Port City Brewing Stand Out From Other Breweries?

Jeremiah, Pug Dog and Port city Brewing Logo
Jeremiah Edwards and Dunkel at Port City Brewing

Port City Brewing Company is a small and cozy brewery. They are more intimate with their patrons, offering up samples of beers that they have on tap without charging for them. There’s also no cover charge to get in which makes it much easier to stop by even if you only have an hour or two before heading home!

We love the fact that they are providing a wonderful product while supporting the sustainability of the area. They created the business on the idea of a high quality and locally produced beer. 

They take pride in the flavor of their brews and like to experiment with different flavors. Some of our favorites that we tried were: Exit 13, Optimal Wit, Vienna Lager, 2013 Porterhouse Strong Ale   – they are also currently brewing a new German Style Kölsch!

The Atmosphere of the Brewery

 is modern and warm. At Port City, they pride themselves on providing wonderful service. They do this with the symbol of a pineapple. You know that they are open if you see this delicious fruit above the sign. 

The brewery provides outdoor seating during this time. It is a lovely set up with plenty of seating and parking. Picnic benches and tables are scattered throughout the large open area in front of the tap room. 

What We Liked About The Port City Brewing Company

The Food Options

Blue Fish & Chips Food Truck
Food Truck Harvest Hosts Review

While Port City does not currently have a food menu available, there are food trucks that sell local and delicious food. The food options change regularly making this a fun and adventurous place to visit. 

A list of beers that are available at Port City Brewing, including a description and tasting notes for each one is available on their website at portcitybrewing.com. 

About Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is a membership organization that offers a curated list of local farms and food producers. Members have access to seasonal, locally-sourced goods from the area’s best providers, including Port City Brewing Company. 

Harvest Hosts strives to be a source of information for those looking to get back into farming or simply eat healthier by providing members with articles on related topics.

For more on Harvest Hosts membership, check out this article!!

Cost of Harvest Hosts Membership

The cost of a Harvest Hosts membership is $99 per year, and there is no extra cost for using the list of farms. They do offer discounts on the membership price for military. 

How Does Harvest Hosts Work?

When you become a member of the Harvest Hosts program , you are given access to the private Harvest Hosts website that has lists of farms and food producers.

Simply request a one night stay from the list of hosts  that are near your location, and they will be happy to host you. In exchange for use of land, Harvest Hosts suggests that you make a purchase from the host during your stay. 

Arriving At Port City Brewing: Parking the RV

When we arrived at Port City Brewing in our 33 foot Airstream, we pulled into the parking lot that we were asked to park in upon arrival (in a message from the host). Our rig fit nicely in the area. Since it was an asphalt lot, it was level and we had zero problems setting up. 

We checked in with the manager on site. We were kindly greeted and offered a table right off. The manager even stated that we could stay on site longer if we wished to do so. 

Things To Do in the Surrounding Area: Alexandria and Washington D.C.

brown-themed bar
City Kitchen Harvest Hosts Review

After getting the RV and animals settled, we decided to explore the local area a bit and grab some dinner. We decided on a restaurant that was within a five minute drive called City Kitchen. 

The menu at this restaurant included mouth watering appetizers, hand crafted pizzas, sandwiches, salads, desserts and more. We ordered the honey and goat cheese appetizer which was simply one of the best appetizers we have ever tasted. 

We followed the appetizer with the D.C. pie which has a light truffle oil dusting. It was fabulous. The drink menu was astounding with tons of wine and beer options. The staff was pleasant and accommodating. City Kitchen restaurant is highly recommended. 

Back to the Brewery

Since we were quite tired of driving and we were finally sated with full bellies, we decided to venture back to the brewery. The outdoor setting allowed us to sit outside with our little Pug, Dunkel. The beer at Port City was refreshing and the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly. 

We purchased a t-shirt, some stickers, and some brews to take home with us. I am sure that we won’t soon regret that decision. 

Overall Impression: Harvest Hosts Review of Port City Brewing

We can’t say enough good things about this brewery. The beer selection is out of sight! The location was prime and the set up was very comfortable and quiet for sleeping. Overall, it was a fantastic experience. 

We recommend this Harvest Hosts location if you ever plan to visit the D.C. or Alexandria area. It is in the heart of everything that you may want to do in D.C. There are plenty of activities and this host is super accommodating.


Harvest Hosts is a fantastic membership program that is well worth the cost. This was our first HH stay and we are looking forward to hitting the road and visiting more locations within the network. 

Port City Brewing Company will be a staple visit for us when we visit the D.C. area. 

What are your favorite Harvest Hosts locations? We would love to hear about your experiences

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