Harvest Hosts Review: Informative Guide To Membership and Reviews

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Introduction to Harvest Hosts Review Membership

In this Harvest Hosts Review, we’ll be looking at the Harvest Hosts membership for RVers. It will include a complete guide to owning a membership with this fantastic company and reviews of the product and some locations.

Harvest Hosts is a company that provides overnight RV stays for self-contained RV’s at wineries, breweries, farms, and more throughout the United States.

Harvest Hosts Review Membership
Harvest Hosts Review Membership

What Does a Harvest Host Membership Include?

A Harvest Hosts membership includes access to Harvest Hosts locations across the country, as well as a 24-hour customer service line. For the price of the annual membership, RVers receive unlimited one-night stays at numerous farms, wineries, breweries, and more.

After purchasing the membership, members will have full access to a large directory of hosts. They have an easy-to-navigate phone app. Members will also receive a monthly newsletter.

How Much Does a Harvest Host Membership Cost?

How Much is a Harvest Host Membership?
How Much is a Harvest Host Membership?

The base membership is $99 per year. Use code “August” for a 15% off discount. For $119 you can get the upgraded membership which includes a ton of museums and golf courses added to available hosts. Harvest Hosts also offers a discount for military personnel, FMCA members, and more. Just check the website for current offers.

What Harvest Host Locations Are There?

Harvest Hosts Location Map
Harvest Hosts Location Map

Harvest Hosts has locations in California, Oregon, New Mexico, Arkansas, and more! They have even added locations in Baja and Canada. There are more than 2000 locations available for booking. More are added every day!!

Should You Be a Harvest Host Member?

Is Harvest Hosts Right For Me?
Is Harvest Hosts Right For Me?

Absolutely! Harvest Hosts is great for RVers. It’s made a world of difference on our travels. The availability has been great. The booking system is easy to use. Best of all, the membership pays for itself after one stay.

With so many locations and unique properties to explore, being a Harvest Hosts member is definitely worth the small annual fee that they charge.

Sign Up Process for Harvest Hosts Members

What is the Harvest Hosts sign-up process like? It is super simple. All you need to do is enter your information on the website to create an account, pay the fees, and boom….you have access to the full directory, booking system, and customer support. You can also sign up using the Harvest Hosts app. Harvest Hosts offers a three-month 100% money-back guarantee. You can’t lose. They make it about as simple as can be.

Different Memberships

There are two types of memberships. The basic membership offers the monthly newsletter, app, a customer service hotline, and complete access to the full database of available hosts.

The database provides reviews, detailed information, and pictures of each available host location. You have the ability to search by type of host, location, and availability.

The upgraded membership adds museums, wildlife refuges, and golf courses for a small additional annual fee.

Rules of Harvest Hosts

What Are The Rules?
What Are The Rules?

Harvest Hosts has its own set of suggested rules to abide by.

  • It is expected that you will spend at least $20 to support the local business that is providing the RV space.
  • You must contact the host prior to arrival and maintain good communication.
  • Your RV must be self-contained. This means that you must have access to your own power, restroom, and all necessary supplies. Pop-up campers, tents, and staying overnight in a car are not permitted at any of the locations.
  • You must clean up after yourself!!
  • Dumping of any tanks is not allowed on the premises.
  • If you have animals with you, they must be attended to and leashed at all times outside of your vehicle. Make sure to clean up after Fido!!
  • A maximum of 24 hours is allowed for each booked stay. Some hosts will allow longer stays in certain circumstances.
  • You must arrive during business hours and leave before the 24-hour mark.
  • Each individual host will have their own set of rules. It is up to the guest to obtain and follow these rules.

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Types of Harvest Hosts Locations

Types of Host Locations with Harvest Hosts
Types of Host Locations with Harvest Hosts

There are over 2000 host locations within the Harvest Hosts database. There are plenty of options to choose from. The hosts are located all throughout the United States. There are some locations available in Canada and Mexico. More are being added all of the time.

Host locations include museums, distilleries, breweries, farms, golf courses, wildlife refuges, and other types of local business. With so many opportunities to experience, that you would otherwise not be permitted, this program has a location or host that will fit your needs during travel times.

Benefits to visiting these types of places include wine tasting, offerings of fresh produce, golf experiences, and great gift ideas!!

Are Pets Welcome?

Are Pets Welcome?
Are Pets Welcome?

Pets are welcome at most Harvest Host locations. This is up to each individual landowner providing the service. Once you have access to the database of available hosts, you will be able to see the distinct rules/ options for the host you are interested in booking with.

If you bring a pet with you, you are responsible for their well-being throughout the duration of your stay. Make sure to clean up after your animals and keep them leashed when outside of the vehicle.

Are Generators Allowed?

Are Portable Generators Allowed at Harvest Hosts Locations?
Are Portable Generators Allowed at Harvest Hosts Locations?

Generators are permitted by most hosts. Since there are no electrical hookups, most of the landowners will allow the use of a generator. Because the hosts are running businesses, there may be limitations on the use of a generator. It is always best to check with each individual host prior to booking. This will allow you to make a fully informed decision about your stay and reservation options.

How Far in Advance Do I Need to Make Reservations?

Making Reservations
Making Reservations

It is highly recommended that you make reservations at least two weeks in advance. Make sure to contact the host no later than 24 hours before your intended arrival for availability.

You will use the online booking system to make all of your upcoming reservations. Once you have located your desired host and are ready to book, simply follow the directions on the website or app. Some hosts will allow you to use an online booking system and you will then wait for confirmation that the booking has been accepted. Some hosts require that you contact them directly in order to make a reservation.

You will enter all of your information for the stay. How many people, pets, type of RV, length and desired date will all be important to know prior to booking a stay. The host will contact you if they need further information prior to confirming the reservation.

What Are The Pros and Cons of a Harvest Hosts Membership?

What Are The Pros and Cons of a Harvest Hosts Membership
What Are The Pros and Cons of a Harvest Hosts Membership

Pros To Harvest Hosts Membership:

  • Great monetary value: As stated previously, the cost of the membership ($99 per year) will generally pay for itself with one night stay. With the cost of campgrounds and RV parks increasing on a regular basis, this is a no-brainer. Harvest Host members will find this to be of great value as soon as they sign up.
  • Many Locations: There are numerous places to choose from. You can travel across the entirety of the U.S. and stay at a different place each day for a low membership fee.
  • New Experiences: As a Harvest Hosts member, you will have access to overnight stays at beautiful and unique locations that you otherwise would not be able to stay at. Think about visiting an Alpaca farm with your kids!! This is an opportunity that you can’t pass up.
  • Safety and Solitude: Because most hosts only have room for one or two RVs at a time, you will have peace and quiet in a wonderful place. Businesses and farms are usually unique in that you will have more security (in a lot of cases) than you would at a different campground or location.
  • New Locations added all of the time: Harvest Hosts works with many different business owners. They are adding new host locations frequently. This means that you will have more and more options as time passes.
  • Simple process: The signup and booking process is very straightforward and streamlined. It is simple to follow and easy to learn.
  • Supports Local Businesses: Visiting local farms, breweries and wineries is a fantastic way to support local businesses. You will meet fantastic people and try new things. It is a lot of fun and always interesting!!

Cons to Owning a Harvest Hosts Membership:

Downsides to A Membership: thumbs down
Downsides to A Membership: thumbs down
  • No amenities: As stated previously, you will need to own or be traveling in a self-contained RV. You will need to provide your own toilet and utilities as these services won’t be available to you for your entire stay. You will not have access to a bathhouse, pool, sewer hookup, or other common amenities available at certain campgrounds and RV parks.
  • No hookups: You will need to provide your own utilities. This is usually managed by solar power or a generator. Be sure to check each host’s regulations on generator use. * A small number of hosts may have hookups available.
  • Can Only stay 1 night: The online booking system will only harvest hosts members to book for one night. You are to arrive before the closing time of the business and leave in under 24 hours. Once at the location, you may be able to extend your stay by working closely with the business contact/ owner.
  • Locations: There are many harvest hosts locations available. Some locations have fewer offerings. This may be a deterrent to those who plan to travel in an area with fewer available hosts. See the map on this page for more information on available locations.
  • Need to purchase something: It is expected that when you visit each host location, that you support the business by making a purchase. The recommended amount of money to spend is at least $20.

Do Hosts Get paid?

Hosts in the program do not get paid, nor do they have to pay any type of fee for being a part of Harvest Hosts. What they get in exchange for offering overnight stays to RVers is free marketing/ advertising and new customers who purchase products and learn about the business.

How To Become a Host

If you are interested in becoming a host, you will fill out an online form on the harvest hosts website with information about your company. You will need to have 1 to 4 spots available for hosting. Hosts will also need to check with their insurance companies for liability’s sake. It is also important that you have a product to sell. Once you apply, Harvest Hosts will walk you through the process of getting listed on the site.

Our Experiences: Detailed Harvest Hosts Review

Port City Brewing: Wheeler Ave, Alexandria, VA

Pot City Brewing Logo
Pot City Brewing Logo

Port City Brewing is a nice craft brewery located just outside of Washington D.C. The beer is delicious and the staff is very accommodating and friendly.

  • Sign up: We requested a stay and heard back from management within 24 hours. The staff gave us tons of information about the brewery, local area, and where to park.
  • Connect with Host: The host was very accessible and answered all of our questions. The communication was excellent.
  • Day of Arrival: We arrived at our site at about 2 in the afternoon. We were directed to park in the lot across the street. Three RVs in total stayed the night that we did.
  • Set up: We parked on asphalt. It was level and we had shade trees around us. The lot had plenty of space to park and maneuver. It was an easy setup.
  • Visit: We spent time outside in a large seating area, spoke with staff, and tasted some of the adult offerings. The site also had a food truck present for tasty food options.
  • Overall Impression: The area was fantastic. It was easy to reach from the highway. The ground was level and the lot was easy to park in. Our animals were allowed. The dog even accompanied us to our table outside. Would definitely recommend this location. Note*** generators are allowed at this location.

Tanasi Brewing and Supplies: Riverside Dr., Chatanooga, TN

Tanasi Brewing and Supplies Chatanooga, TN
Tanasi Brewing and Supplies Chatanooga, TN
  • Sign Up: From the Harvest Hosts website, I picked a date on the calendar and it sent an automatic booking request.
  • Connect With Host: The owner/ manager contacted us shortly after our request was entered. He asked about our parking needs, the length of the vehicle, and more. Our request to stay was approved with ease.
  • Day of Arrival: We arrived at this location at about 5 pm on a Saturday. The owner immediately greeted us and showed us where to park.
  • Set-Up: We parked on crushed gravel in a very secluded spot with plenty of room. The lot was easy to maneuver in and the parking location was magnificent.
  • Visit: We visited the nano-brewery where we met plenty of fun and nice people. The owner was super knowledgeable about brewing and gave us a tour of the facility. The beer was utterly amazing. Try the Harvest Moon when you visit!! We purchased some merch, which was also very nice.
  • Overall Impression: We absolutely loved this place. The owner was beyond accommodating. Lights in the courtyard were left on. We were given permission to use the area and the dog park even after business hours. I truly cannot say enough nice things about the owner and this establishment. I can’t wait to visit again.
  • Notes: Pets were allowed. We did not ask about generator use.

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What Is The Cancellation Policy For Harvest Hosts?

If you find that you need to cancel an upcoming reservation with Harvest Hosts, you must contact the host directly and as soon as possible to make changes. There is a no-show policy. If you are a no-show to a booked location, Harvest Hosts will contact you. Three no-shows will result in an account suspension.

Is Boondockers Welcome and Harvest Hosts the Same Company?

Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome have merged into one company. At this point in time, the memberships remain separate. The company is working on combining them into one system. The merger took place in June 2021. This means that there will soon be over 5000 locations and hosts available in this program.

Is a Harvest Hosts Membership For You?

Is Harvest Hosts Membership Right For You?
Is Harvest Hosts Membership Right For You?

The first question that you need to ask is if you have a self-contained RV. If you do not, you will not be permitted to make bookings at the many available host locations. On the same note, if dry camping is not for you or you just are not interested in it, this is definitely not the membership for you.

As with any type of membership, the only way that it will work for you and be worth your time and money is if you get out and use it. If you pay for a Harvest Hosts membership and you don’t use it to visit any of the host locations, it is simply a waste.

Knowing what is expected and what you will receive is important before committing to any type of membership purchase. If you don’t want to purchase products or support the businesses, this is not the right fit for you. If you need more amenities or a longer stay and are not comfortable with one-night stops, this membership program will definitely be poorly spent money.

Other Memberships

There are many different types of RV clubs and membership available. Most will save you money on reservations at certain places. Finding the right one that will fit your needs requires a bit of research and possibly some experimenting.

Other Memberships That are Great for RVing are:

Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA)– FMCA is a membership program that offers RVers many discounts. Discounts programs include a tire buying program, discounts on other memberships (including Harvest Hosts), mail services, wi-fi plans, and more. The cost of membership is $85 per year.


Good SamGood Sam is an RV membership program that gives members discounts on many different RV parks and campgrounds. To find out more about included campgrounds, visit this page. Membership costs begin at $29 per year. Members will also receive discounts on camping world purchases and some fuel stations. Good Sam also has other available services to its members for a price. These include roadside assistance and extended warranty plans. For more information, visit this page.

Good Sam Logo
Good Sam Logo

KOA: Most campers and RVers have heard of KOA or even stayed at one of their many different campgrounds. They offer a membership that gives members a discounted price on stays within their network. Prices begin at $33 per year. For more information, please visit this page.

KOA Logo
KOA Logo

Escapees: Escapees is yet another membership program with multiple benefits for members. Escapees offers a mail forwarding service, discount programs, and knowledge-based resources for RVers. For more information about Escapees, check out this page. Membership starts at $50 per year.

Escapees Logo
Escapees Logo

and more…

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Conclusion To Harvest Hosts Review:

Conclusion To Harvest Hosts Review
Conclusion To Harvest Hosts Review

The Harvest Hosts membership is a great way to explore new places when traveling. If you’re looking for an economical and reliable place for an overnight stay, this program will suit you well. This is a highly recommended choice for current and future RVers.

Tell us about your favorite Harvest Hosts location!!

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