Campground Etiquette: 14 Recommended Camping Rules

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Introduction to Camping Rules

Camping is one of the best and most treasured activities of summer. Whether you are an RV or tent camper, there are some camping etiquette rules to live by in every campground. Here is a list of the top 14 camper rules that all outdoorsy, pleasure seeking campers should be aware of and adopt.

Campground rules and etiquette
Campground rules and etiquette

Camping Rules

1. Does Running Late Count As Exercise? (Don’t Be Late)

Plan to arrive at the campground on time. Most resorts and campgrounds have specified arrival times available and listed on their websites. The reason for this is that other campers do not want to be awaken in the middle of the night to the sounds of you setting up camp. This can be hammering in tent stakes, or hooking up your RV. It is not fair to those around you. If you cannot make it before dark, plan to arrive and set up the following day so as not to disturb other campers. 

2. This Is A Self-Cleaning Campsite: Clean Up After Yourself

Pick up Trash

Pick up Trash

Campgrounds and Rv resorts are generally located in rural and/ or wooded areas. The scenery is beautiful and natural. It is important that we, as visitors, keep it this way. Use sustainable items. Recycle when appropriate and leave no trace of your visit. Clean up after yourself. 

3. The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of…Nothing Because It’s Quiet Time

Most campgrounds have set a specific time frame as quiet hours. During this time, it is not appropriate to play outside music, talk loud, or do anything else that will disturb your camping neighbors. They may be sleeping. Whisper when outdoors. Keep all noise down to a minimum. Everyone around will appreciate this!

4. If A Dog Poops in a Campground…Yes, People Will Step In it. Clean Up After Your Pet.

Dog Business
Dog Business

There is nothing better than camping with your furry friends. Make yourself aware of the campground rules before bringing Fido or Mr. Meows-a-lot along. Sometimes there is a limit to the number of animals that you can bring. The campground may request a deposit, fee or proof of immunizations. Always keep your dogs on a leash. Clean up after ALL pet messes. This is one of the most complained about problems in campgrounds today. If you want to maintain the privilege of traveling with your best friend, make sure that you are following all of the rules. 

5. Turn Down Your Lights!! They Are Too Loud!!

Bright Lights
Bright Lights

Some modern day RV’s have cool neon lights and features that shine bright into the night. They look super cool. Sometimes these lights shine directly into the bedroom windows of other campers. This is not a friendly gesture. Make sure that all of your lights (even flashlights) are never pointed into your neighbor campsites. This could be very disturbing to others. 

6. Early To Bed, Early To Rise…Just Kidding. Go Back To Sleep!

If you are an early riser, be sure to mind the quiet hours. Don’t get up and assume that everyone else in the campground is ready to talk story around the campfire at a deafening volume. Don’t start playing your music. If you have to pack up and leave during quiet hours (some campgrounds will not allow this), be mindful of your noise and where you point your headlights. 

7. Keep Your Loud Over There

Even during “regular” noise hours, be sure to note how your sound carries. Is your music too loud? Are you yelling? Or partying too loud? It is important to invite your neighbors to party with you. Just kidding. Just be mindful of how much noise is coming from your campsite. 

8. This is My Campground Space. This is Your Campground Space. Let’s Cha Cha.

Another thing to be aware of is the location of your site and where other sites are. It is considered rude to walk through other people’s campsites. It is akin to walking through someone’s front lawn to get to your house. Just don’t do it unless you are invited. 

9. Please Don’t Smoke, We’d Rather Die Of Natural Causes.

No Smoking sign
No smoking

Some campers are especially sensitive to the smell of cigarette smoke. Even though you are outdoors, the smoke can carry into your neighbors site (tent or RV). This can cause problems. Many campgrounds have sites that are very close to other sites. Be sure that you are not sharing your cigarette with the neighbor children inadvertently. 

10. Don’t Go To Sleep Before Your Fire

If you plan to have a campfire, be sure to stay with it. This means that someone needs to watch it at all times. Don’t go to bed and leave it burning. Make sure that you put the fire to bed before you go to bed. When purchasing wood for your fire, be sure to buy firewood that is local. Don’t bring your own. This can damage the eco-system by introducing new insects and other items.

11. Drive Slow: Drunk Campers Crossing

Drunk Camper
Drunk Camper

Many campgrounds have a posted speed limit that is lower than 10 miles per hour. Some as low as 5. This makes sense when pulling a rig. The main reason is that there are many people walking around, there could be children playing, or animals roaming about. Another reason for this is that the roads are not built for high speeds either. Be safe. Slow down and watch out for each other. 

12. Children Left Unattended Will Be Fed Junk Food and Red Bulls

Your Kid After RedBull
Your Kid After RedBull

Camping is one of the best family activities and it makes for a fantastic childhood memory. If you travel with young children, make sure that they are aware of and understand these campground rules as well. You don’t want your kids randomly wandering through other people’s campsites. You want their safety and the respect of the neighbors. Mind your children’s whereabouts and their behavior. 

13. I Will Lend You A Hand But, I Will Need It Back

Campers and RV people are some of the coolest people you will ever meet. Get to know the fellow travelers that surround you. If you see someone backing in that needs some help, lend a hand. If you see someone struggling with carrying wood, or setting up a tent, lend a hand. This is the best way to feel community where you are staying. Who knows? Maybe you will get invited to that cool party that we discussed earlier. 

14. Catch a Wave And…You Get The Idea

Camp Wave
Camp Wave

The camp wave is one of the coolest things about campgrounds. It is not necessarily a rule. It is more of a custom. When people drive by, put on your best smile and throw up a wave. Keep the campground friendly!!

Conclusion To Camping Rules

Now that you have the unwritten rules and campground etiquette, you are ready to conquer the campground. Enjoy the lakes, trees, and weird little wild animals running around (no…not talking about the campers). Get your camp wave ready and we will see you out there!! 

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