Busch Gardens Food And Wine Festival: The Best Beers, Brews and Bites

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Introduction to Busch Gardens Food and Wine Festival

Busch Gardens’ food and wine festival, Williamsburg is a great way to have a day of fun with your family, friends or significant other. With live entertainment, over 11 different specialty food kiosks, brews and tons of delicious food, this event has something for everyone! 

The Busch Gardens Food & Wine Festival offers guests the opportunity to taste some of the best beer selections from around the world as well as enjoy an array of delectable dishes all in one location at their annual celebration. The event features specialty breweries including local favorites such as Jekyll Brewing Co., Rappahannock Oyster Company and Old Dominion Brewery. Guests will also be able to sample wines from countries like Brazil, France and Italy while browsing through booths. 

Busch gardens Williamsburg
Busch gardens Williamsburg

The Countries/ Kiosks

Virginia Kiosk at Busch Gardens Food and Wine Festival

The Virginia booth is showcasing a variety of dishes all made with local ingredients to highlight the best in Southern cooking. They’re serving up favorites like she crab soup and bacon and cheddar hush puppies. 

The specialty drink this year is apple pie moonshine. There are plenty of brews  to enjoy as well.  

Mexico at Busch Gardens Food and Wine Festival

two clear glass footed cups with green and yellow liquid

Mexico is serving up some of the most creative dishes at this year’s festival.  Besides a variety of tacos including a crispy shrimp and carne asada tacos, they also have a chorizo empanada.  

The cocktails of Mexico are where its at this year. They are serving up a Rumchata beverage with Meyer’s dark rum, a watermelon margarita, and a frozen lime margarita. Don’t forget to grab your favorite cerveza from this kiosk. 

Hawaii at Busch Gardens Food and Wine Festival

Hawaii is serving up some island favorites at this year’s festival.  They have poke bowls with tuna, Hawaiian Mac n Cheese and Spam Musubi available for you to enjoy. 

If you’re feeling like it’s time for a sweet treat they also serve a lovely pineapple coconut mousse. Pair this tasty indulgence with a hibiscus lemonade or an adult blue Hawaiian. 

French Quarter at Busch Gardens Food and Wine Festival

If you’re a lover of Cajun cuisine the French Quarter will be your favorite stop this year. You’ll find chicken and andouille gumbo and a hearty muffuletta will all be served fresh from the bayou.  They also have beignets for those that have saved room. 

This kiosk has tasty adult canned brews and beverages for sale as well as several wine choices. 

Brazil at Busch Gardens Food and Wine Festival

Brazil is the place to be if your heart desires a bit of spice. They have a mouth watering churrasco and a linquica to delight your tastebuds. 

These foods will pair wonderfully with the Brazilian lemonade that they have on offer this year. 

Jamaica at Busch Gardens Food and Wine Festival

Jamaica is for those that like their food sweet. They have some of the most authentic Jamaican fare you’ll find this year with jerk chicken sliders and Gamba fritters. 

If you need a little something to wash it all down they also serve up delicious dark and stormy, a frozen bushwhacker, and a frozen Jamaican punch to quench all of your cravings. 

Italy at Busch Gardens Food and Wine Festival

Italy is where you’ll find a few of Busch Garden’s most popular food items from their restaurants. 

The Caprese and risotto are always favorites, but don’t forget to save room for the delicious wine and a sweet cannoli. 

South Korea at Busch Gardens Food and Wine Festival

South Korea’s food is a little more unique that you might be used to. 

Our favorite was the Chicken and beef bulgogi. They also have Korean bbq ribs.  

If you are daring, try the Korean soju beverage. They also have a wonderful banana milk for the kiddos. 

Mediteranian at Busch Gardens Food and Wine Festival

The Mediterranean has some of Busch Garden’s most unique dishes. 

You can start with dolmades, a lamb burger slider or mix it up and try the spanakopita.  

We recommend that you save room for dessert because their loukoumades, made with honey and cinnamon, will not disappoint! 

For the adult beverage, try the lemonade made with Ouzo. 

The Sangria Garden at Busch Gardens Food and Wine Festival

The Sangria Garden has a variety of sangrias to sample. They have a red, white, frozen or a Rose sangria. If you just can’t decide, try the flight sampler. 

Island Freeze at Busch Gardens Food and Wine Festival

This is the only place at Busch Garden’s Food and Wine Festival that you can enjoy a classic Pina Colada. 

There are some other options as well like their daiquiri , Bahama Mama or frozen Bellini.

The Island Freeze also has draft beers and canned beverages. Don’t forget to try their cocktail pouches, which are new to this year’s menu.  

Things To Do at Busch Gardens

Listen to Live Music

Live Music
Live Music

Explore the Food and Wine Festival with your family or friends. There is so much to do that everyone will find something they love, from sangria tasting to sampling ice cream.

Ride Roller Coasters and More

Besides tasting a new food at every country and location of this long festival, there are many other activities to please every person of every age.   

You can watch live performances on stage and dance with the performers at the Busch Gardens Dance Party. There are four different bands, playing regularly at different locations throughout the park. Dance your heart out and burn off some calories. Make room for more. 

One of the biggest draws for coming to this park is the incredible ride attractions. There are over 18 thrilling rides and coasters to let your inner child run wild on. Fill your adventurous needs on Finnegan’s Flyer. 

Best yet, if you don’t want to wait in long lines, there are quick que upgrades that, once purchased, allow you to skip the majority of the line. If you visit the Busch Garden’s website, you can purchase an all day que upgrade pass. 

Arcades and Games

Arcade Games
Arcade Games

If you are interested in engaging your competitive side,  there are a variety of different games to try your luck on. The park has an arcade, with one billion and six possible prizes available for you to win.

There is also the chance to play skee ball or air hockey in Busch Gardens’ Game Room.

Visit and Learn about Animals

Busch Gardens Food and Wine Festival 2021
Busch Gardens Food and Wine Festival 2021

There is plenty to do for those with animal lovers hearts.  Various animals viewing areas are available around the park, from wolves to clydesdales and even reptiles! You can also visit Busch Gardens’ aviary  which houses beautiful birds that will land right on your shoulder or head. This is the best place in the entire park. 

Covid Update

During 2021, due to Covid guidelines, reservations are required to enter the park. This is a new policy that will be in place until 2022.

Thankfully, the park has designed an alternate plan for guests who do not want to make reservations but still want to visit. Guests can now come during off-peak hours or book visits online ahead of time and enter Covid through self-service kiosk outside the gates when they arrive. 

The park has taken precautions  to make sure guests are aware of what Covid is, and that it does not affect them. There are signs and markers to assist guests in keeping socially distanced. There are also plenty of hand sanitizing stations available. 

Prices, Dates, and More

The food and Wine Festival runs from April 2 to May 23 2021. The price of admission starts at $49.99. Don’t forget to make reservations ahead on the website

Overall Impression of the Busch Gardens Food and Wine Festival

blue yellow and red slide
Busch Gardens Food and Wine Festival

The food and Wine Festival is a great time to get out of the house and try something new. The only complaint I have is that the lines were very long. Social distancing was not being followed.

With that being said, the bands were utterly fantastic, the park was beautiful, the day was sunny and the animals were gorgeous. It really does make for a nice outing with the family. 


The Food and Wine Festival is a great time to get out of the house and try something new. Bring your adventurous spirit for the rides and your willingness to try new foods. Wear comfy shoes and be ready to dance. Say hi to the animals and enjoy a great day out with your significant other or the family. 

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