6 Best Dog Ramps For RV Use And Travel

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If you’re a dog lover who travels in an RV, you know that taking your furry friend with you can present some challenges. One of those challenges is how to keep your pup safe and comfortable when getting in and out of the RV. That’s where a good quality dog ramp comes in handy! In this blog post, we will discuss 11 of the best dog ramps for RV use and travel. We’ll also provide tips on how to choose the right ramp for your needs. So whether you’re hitting the open road or just taking a weekend trip, be sure to check out our list of the best dog ramps for RV travel!

Dog going up Dog Ramp: Dog Ramps for RV Use

What Is A Dog Ramp?

A dog ramp is a typically lightweight, portable piece of equipment that helps dogs get in and out of vehicles, such as RVs. Dog ramps are often made from plastic or aluminum, making them easy to clean and transport. The great thing is that you can fold them up for easy storage when you are not using them.

Do You Need One For Your RV?

Dog Going down RV Dog Ramp

If your dog is having a hard time getting into and out of your RV, then you may need to consider purchasing a dog ramp. Not all dogs will need a ramp to get into an RV, but it’s a good idea to have one on hand just in case.

Your dog’s joints and hips can be damaged by jumping in and out of a vehicle, so using a ramp can help to prevent those injuries. In addition, ramps can provide a more gradual incline for elderly or arthritic dogs, making it easier for them to get around.

Are RV Dog Ramps Or Stairs Better For Your Dog?

RV Steps

This is a question that only you can answer, based on your dog’s individual needs. If your dog is an older dog, a tiny dog, or has joint issues, a ramp may be the best option. Ramps can also be helpful for dogs who are scared of RV stairs or experience anxiety upon approaching one. On the other hand, if your dog is large or very active, stairs might be a better choice, as they can provide more of a challenge.

How To Choose The Right Dog Ramp

When choosing a dog ramp for your RV, there are a few things to consider as a pet owner. First, you’ll need to decide on the size of the ramp. It’s important that the ramp is big enough for your dog to walk up and down comfortably.

You’ll also need to think about the weight capacity of the ramp. Most ramps have a weight capacity of around 200 pounds, but you can find ones that are higher or lower depending on your needs.

You should also consider the type of surface the ramp will be used on. If you’ll mostly be using the ramp indoors, then you’ll want one with a non-slip surface. If you’ll be using

When choosing an RV Dog Ramp Look For These Features:

Dog Ramp Features

How Is It Built?

Dog ramps are made from a variety of materials, but the most common are plastic and aluminum. Both have their pros and cons. Plastic is lightweight and easy to transport, but it can be easily damaged by weathering. Aluminum is more durable, but also tends to be heavier.

What Is The Incline?

Dog ramps come with different inclines, and you’ll need to choose the one that’s best for your dog. A steep incline can be difficult for older or arthritic dogs, while a gradual incline is better for small dogs or those with joint problems.

Does It have traction?

Dog ramps can be slippery, so it’s important to choose one with good traction on the walking surface. A non-slip surface is essential for indoor use, while a ramp with grooves or ridges can help provide better traction outdoors.

How much weight can it hold?

picture of overweight dog

Most dog ramps have a weight capacity of around 200 pounds, but you can find ones that are higher or lower depending on your needs. Take your dog’s weight into consideration. If you have a large breed dog, make sure to choose a ramp that can accommodate their weight.

Is it easy to store/ pack?

Dog ramps can be bulky, so it’s important to choose one that is easy to store. Look for a ramp that can be folded up for easy transport and storage. Some use a folding method for storage while others telescope.

The Best Dog Ramp For RV Use

The Best

Now that you know what to look for in a dog ramp, let’s take a look at some of the best options on the market. We’ve compiled a list of the best Dog Ramps for RV, based on our own experiences and customer feedback.

Pet Safe Happy Ride Telescoping Dog Ramp

-Storage: This item can be easily stored due to its adjustable telescoping ramp design.

-Capacity: Dog ramp can hold up to 400 pounds, making it ideal for a large dog or bigger breeds.

-Incline: The Happy Ride Ramp has a gradual incline, making it easy for smaller or older dogs to use.

-Traction: Non-slip high traction surface helps keep your dog safe while using the ramp.

-Materials: The Pet Safe Dog ramp is made of both aluminum and plastic parts.

-Why We Like It: This Dog Ramp is easy to set up and use, as well as being durable and safe.

Pet Step Folding Pet Ramp

-Storage: This ramp easily folds in half for quick and easy storage.

-Capacity: Dog Ramp can hold up to 500 pounds, making it ideal for larger breeds.

-Incline: At 70 inches long, this ramp creates a gradual incline.

-Traction: The Pet Step Pet Ramp uses rubber grips and a ribbed surface to create traction.

-Materials: It is made of plastic making it more lightweight and easy to set up than other heavier ramps available.

-Why We Like It: This ramp has great reviews from many dog owners, has a higher weight capacity than some others on the market, and is lightweight and easy to store.

WeatherTech Pet Ramp

-Storage: The WeatherTech folds in half for easy compact ramp storage.

-Capacity: This ramp can hold a dog up to 300 lbs (more than enough for the largest of breeds).

-Incline: The size of the Weather Tech Ramp is 67 inches in length, making it more than adequate for most inclines.

-Materials: It is made of plastic and is one of the lightest ramps available at 16 lbs.

-Traction: This ramp uses a molded rubber to create traction for your dog.

-Why We Like It: This ramp is fully made and manufactured in the U.S. It is built with quality materials and has great reviews.

Gen7Pets Feather Light Pet Ramp

-Storage: This high-quality dog ramp folds flat using a hinged break at the middle. It is sleek in design making it one of the least bulky ramps in terms of storage.

-Capacity: The Gen7 Pet ramp has a capacity of 250 lbs.

-Incline: At 72 inches long, this is one of the largest (lengthwise) ramps that we have reviewed. This makes the incline much more gradual for your pet.

-Traction: This ramp has a non-slip micro tread surface.

-Materials: The GenPet Feather Light Ramp is made of plastic which makes it one of the lightest weight options at only 14.8 lbs.

-Why We Like It: This ramp is very lightweight, easy to store, and has a very gradual incline which is great for smaller dogs. It also has a wide walking path for your pet!!

Pet Loader Light platform steps

-Storage: This “platform” style ramp has hinged sections. The ramp folds up quite small for easy storage.

-Capacity: The Pet Loader Light can hold up to 150 lbs in weight making it one of the lower capacity items on this list. Should still be adequate for most dog breeds.

-Incline: This particular item is slightly different than the rest on the list because it creates pet stairs/ step ramp for your animal. We included this on the list because there are many different models available with different sizes of steps making it a great option for dogs that need a little more assistance climbing into the vehicle.

-Traction: This item is made with a removable and washable carpet-like material to create traction.

-Materials: This platform system is made of heavy-duty abs plastic and due to this, it is quite durable.

-Why We Like It: This is a great option for dogs that have trouble with traditional ramps or need a little more help getting into the car. It is also very lightweight and easy to store away.

Pet Gear Ramp For Dogs

-Storage: The Pet Gear Dog Ramp has a tri-fold system for easy storage.

-Capacity: This ramp has a capacity of up to 200 lbs.

-Incline: At 71 inches long, this ramp is one of the longer options on this list.

-Traction: The Pet Gear Dog Ramp has a rubberized surface that creates traction for your pet.

-Materials: This Dog Ramp is made of plastic and is 26 lbs (making it one of the heavier options on this list).

-Why We Like It: This Dog Ramp is long and has a high weight capacity. The Pet Gear Ramp comes with reflective material making it easy for your animal to see when visibility is not great.

How To Teach Your Dog To Use Dog ramps for RV travel

Now that you have chosen the best RV Dog Ramp for your needs, it is important to teach your pet how to use it. Pet owners should follow these simple tips and your dog will be using the ramp like a pro in no time!

-Make sure the pet ramp is placed close to the vehicle

-Start by placing treats on or near the ramp to get the attention of your little furry friend.

-After your dog gets comfortable with the treats being near the ramp, begin placing them on top of the ramp’s surface.

-Once Fido is eating from atop the RV ramp, slowly start moving the treats further and further away from the car until they are only at the end of the ramp.

-When your dog is finally comfortable walking all the way down the ramp to get their treat, you can start using the ramp for real!

-If your dog struggles with going up the ramp, place a few treats on or near the top to encourage them.

Congratulations, you have now taught your dog how to use the RV Dog Ramp! Be sure to keep up with practice sessions occasionally to make sure your furry friend stays safe and comfortable when traveling in the RV.


 If you’re a pet lover like me, then you know there’s no such thing as too much gear for your furry friend. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of the best dog ramps for RV use and travel- so that Fido can come along on all of our adventures! Have I missed your favorite ramp? Let us know in the comments below.

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