22 Of The Best RV Phone Apps For Campers

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Introduction to The Best RV Phone Apps

In this day and age, most RV’ers posess handy little gadgets called smartphones. These fancy  handheld instruments provide so many helpful features for the modern camper. With these 22 advantageous apps, you can plan, execute, and have the best time camping that people of past decades could have never imagined possible. 

This article will discuss and provide information on the absolute best RV phone apps available for today’s Rv’ers, campers, and travelers. 

Best RV Phone Apps For Campers
Best RV Phone Apps For Campers

Why Should I Use A Phone App to Plan The Best RV Trip

1. Updates

Phone apps, once uploaded to your phone, update with new and important information, regularly and usually without difficulty.

2. Affordability

Most phone apps are free or cost very little to add and have access to all features that they have to offer. This includes regular updates.

3. Ease of Use

RV Phone apps are easy to add and use.

4. Options and Features

Many phone apps include several features and options. You only need to add apps that you will use and there is no need to have extra items taking up space that you will not need. 

These are the Best 22 Apps for RV’ers

The 22 Best RV Phone Apps

Trip Planning Apps

1. Checklists
Rv arrival and departure checklist/ RV phone app
Rv arrival and departure checklist/ RV phone app

Rvchecklist: RVchecklist is an app by Adventure Treks, LLC. It is highly rated at 4.1 stars. This app contains departure and arrival checklists for RV travel. It allows you to clear items as you move through the checklists. This app also allows you to add and generate new checklists for RV travel. 

This is a must if you ever plan to travel with any type of RV. Making sure that you are safe to travel is a top priority!!

This app is free of charge. 

2. Navigation

Roadtrippers: Roadtrippers is a trip planning app that is rated a solid 4 out of 5 stars. This app allows you to map out a trip with several stops. You can add, food, hotel, and activity stops with this planner. Roadtrippers also allows you to share your travel plans with friends and family. 

This app is free but offers an upgraded version starting at $7. It is rated highly due to its ability to use its gps functions to break down time and mileage between stops. It is a great asset to any camper planning a road trip and helps to map out gas stops and campgrounds. 

Copilot: Copilot is an awesome resource available to RV’ers. It is a navigation tool that is available for the cost of $29 per year (the RV price). The reason that every RV’er needs this app is to be prepared for weight limits, height limits and road advisories that would affect RV travel. The map is updated regularly to include traffic climate. This is an absolutely fantastic asset for any RV traveler. 

Google maps: Google maps app comes standard on many phones and is free. The maps are updated constantly. The traffic situations on the roads are updated constantly. This is a wonderful free app to use for navigation. The one con for this app is that it does not take into consideration weight limits and height for RV’s and trucks. This is something to be mindful of when trip planning. 

RV Phone Apps for Gas/ Fuel Apps

Searching for Fuel/ RV phone app
Searching for Fuel/ RV phone app

Gas Buddy: This app is just pure magic!! Find the best priced gas when you need it. Keep track of your fuel costs with the logging tool. Find gas rewards and more. This app is free and it is fantastic. Take this a step further by going to their website and signing up for the reward card and start saving more money!! 

Pilot/ Flying J: Pilot and Flying J truck stops are great. You can be sure to find a pump that you can pull your rig through. They will have regular and diesel available. It is a win- win situation. With their free app, you will be able to map out locations and plan your fueling. With the app, you will even be able to gain rewards like free coffee!!

Loves: Like the Pilot app, you will be able to map our Love’s truck stop locations and plan your fueling accordingly. Love’s offers truck stop amenities that aren’t available at all fueling locations. Stop for food, a rest, fuel up, coffee, and more. This app will help you find all the locations and show pricing for fuel.

Phone Apps for Campgrounds and RV Sites

Campground Fun
Campground Fun

RVParky: RV parky is an app that was created by a full time RV’er to assist people in finding RV parks and camping spots. It is simple to use. You can use it from an app on your phone or on a computer. This app also gives users places to stay along the route inluding walmarts, blm (bureau of land management), and more. The app itself is free to use and has great reviews of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Added perks and functions to this service include gas stations, restaurants, and reviews of places along your travels. This is a fantastic free app. 

Allstays: Allstays has many apps and services that will assist every RV’er on their journey. The apps assist in finding places to stay. The places include campgrounds, RV parks, truck stops, walmarts, boondocking locations, military campgrounds, rest stops, and hotels. 

The apps range in price from $1.99 to $9.99 and are all rated very well. The apps offer a ton of information including reviews and a list of amenities for each stop listed in the app. There is a place in the app where the user can update information as you experience changes during travel.

The only con to this particular app is that it is only available to apple users at this time. 

RV parks and Campgrounds: This app is a wonderful free app that includes a list of RV sites and campground locations. These locations include 1000 trails, Koa’s, U.S. Military, privately owned, jellystone and more.

RV Parks and Campgrounds also contains information about fuel stops and camp supply stores on your route. Reviews, maps and pictures are all included in the app and the app is rated very highly at 4.6 out of 5 stars. 

Campendium: Campendium is one of the highest rated apps for RV’ers at 4.8 out of 5 stars. This app is also to aid the RV’er in finding campground and RV site locations. This app covers the same types of sites as the above listed apps but, it has a couple of extra benefits.

The Campendium app covers areas in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. It also has information pertaining to cell service on the campgrounds listed. It is updated frequently. The only downside to this app is that it costs more at $20 per year. 

Harvest Hosts: Harvest Hosts is an annual membership. The cost of membership is $99 per year. Discounts are available for military, Escapees, and FMCA members. There are over 1400 winery, brewery, farm, museum, and other privately owned locations that allow one night free stays (with the cost of membership). 

The sites are without amenities such as water, electric and sewer hook up. So this membership is better suited for those who own a self-sustained RV. 

This app is great for those who need a night at a comfy and nice location on their way across country. The membership pays for itself in one night and there are so many locations to choose from that you won’t be disappointed with your options. 

recreation.gov: recreation.gov is an app is unique in that it allows you to hold all of your trip information in one location. You can book campsites, plan activities, and keep reservations in one place. You can pay for campsites right from the app. 

This app allows you to book popular activities in different areas right from the comfort of your rv. Visiting a national park? Book a popular tour and your campsite while driving there.

Keep your itinerary in an easy to find location. This app is highly rated at 4.7 out of 5 stars and is absolutely free to download. 

The dyrt: The dyrt is a fantastic app with a free version and a pro version. The free version gives you access to tons of campgrounds, maps, reviews, and forums.

The pro version gives you a trip planner, offline map access, and gear discounts. The pro version is $35.99 per year. 

This app has earned a high rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. 

RV Phone Apps for Weather and Conditions

Weather phone app for RV
Weather phone app for RV

Accuweather: The accuweather app is free but can be upgraded to an ad free version for a one time payment of $2.99. This app can give you an accurate weather forecast for the area in which you plan to camp. It will give you severe weather warnings and even a UV index.

With the Accuweather app you can get up to a 45 day outlook. It is rated a 4.6 out of 5 stars. 

Myradar: This app is also a weather predictor. My radar is free, rated 4.6 out of 5 stars. This app has a rain predictor which can be of use to any camper. One of the best feature that this app has to offer is the hurricane update upgrade. This can be purchased for $3.99. 

The Best RV Phone Apps for Work/ Entertainment (wi-fi)

Speedtest: If you plan to work while you travel or are a full time RV’er and have to work from your rig, your internet connection and speed will be an important factor in your home. This app by Ookla is what you are looking for. 

This app is rated 4.1 out of 5 stars. It is free and is designed to test your internet speed and accuracy. This will also help if you plan on streaming any video during relax time. 

Wifi map: This app is a free internet connectivity tool. This app will assist you in finding wi-fi hotspots in your area. This is a fantastic tool. This app is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars and will be your best friend when trying to work or use the internet in your RV. 

Phone Apps For RV Dumpsite Locating

RV Dump Station App
RV Dump Station App

Sanidumps: This app is rated 2.7 out of 5. This app will assist you after you boondocks at a harvest host or BLM (bureau of land management) site and you need to dump your black or gray tanks.

This app is designed to assist RV’ers in finding places to dump their tanks. Let’s just say that it is a must have if you plan on dry camping. 

Extra Apps/ The Best RV Phone Apps for Fun and More

Roadside America: This is a just-for-fun app. This app is highly rated at 4.7 out of 5 stars. This resource will make any road trip fun. RV’ers have a deep love for being on the road. This app will be your new favorite thing. 

This app is full of unique experiences and roadside attractions. It has pictures, stories, and quirky things to see. Just open the app and look for your next adventure during long trip to your next site.

This app costs just $2.99 and will be worth every cent. 

The Skyview App: Once you are settle at your campsite, there is no better way to relax and enjoy the surrounding nature than to do a bit of stargazing. 

This app has a free light version that allows you to point your phone at the sky and identify constellations, cluster, stars, and more. This is a great family activity to share when camping!! This app is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars. 

Compass: This free app is very highly rated at 4.8 out of 5 stars and is a must if you plan to do any hiking in the woods. What a great and free app. This is a must have for any camper or RV’er. 

Bubble level: This app may not be as fun as the three listed directly above but it is surely a great tool when setting up camp with your RV. This app is free and has a great rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Use it to make sure that your rig is level!! 

Best Apps for RV’ers Conclusion

What are your favorite apps and tools that you use when you camp or RV? These are just a few of the options that exist. They are great resources and are super easy to use and install. It is super handy to have everything right at your fingertips and organized appropriately on your phone. Long gone are the days of searching for reservation pages, fumbling through maps, looking for a flashlight and a leveler. 

We are very lucky to live in the information age. Technology continues to improve and grow. With growth of technology and information, new apps and resources will continue to become available. Please share your favorite tools and resources in the comments below. We would love to hear about them!!

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